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[ONGOING - NEW MEMBER Q&A] I'm a NEW MEMBER. I have Questions!!!

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1) How do i add a pic to my profile


2) How do I figure out if someone responded to my posts


3) Plz teach me how to do any other basic things, that i might need to know.



THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!


Hi! Welcome to Coldplaying :D


1) To add a picture to your profile go to User CP--->then Edit Avatar from the menu on the left hand side


There you have the option to either upload one from your computer directly, by clicking 'Browse' and seletcing the file, it must be a maximum of 150 by 150 pixels or 73.2 KB though.


Or you can upload one to a image hosting site such as http://www.photobucket.com and enter the URL. The same size restrictions apply.


2) To check if someone has responded to your posts you can either subscribe to the thread you've posted in by clicking the 'Thread Tools' menu at the top of the thread you wish to subscribe to and then 'Subscribe to this thread'. Once you've done this if you click on User CP again, they will show up there under 'subscribed threads' once thy're replied to.


Alternatively you can click the 'New Posts' button to see all recent posts


3) Some extra info, if you want to add a signature you go to User CP and then 'Edit Signature' There's also a few more options to personalise your profile in User CP, so have a look at the options in the menu.


Feel free to introduce yourself properly in the New Members forum too :)


If you have any more questions let me know.



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1) I don't know what you mean by 'picture on your profile'. There are avatars and signatures. Avatars are the pictures below your username. Signatures can be the pictures below your post (I don't have one right now)

How to add your avatar:


(The User CP is on the left side of your screen)


Avatars can't be bigger than 150x150 pixels and 73.2 KB.

Adding a signature is the same, you just click on "Edit Signature" instead of "Edit Avatar".

Nowadays you can't have an animated signature or one that is too big (I forgot the size) due to some revolting that happened earlier. :uhoh:

2) You can subscribe to the thread and you will be sent an e-mail every time someone posts.


(The Thread Tools are on the right side of the screen)


3) Coldplaying FAQ:


Hope I helped :wacky:

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Hi and welcome! :nice:



To add an avatar for example simply go to your User CP (=User control panel).


There you can see the different options.


This link is located on the very left side of the bar above the forums.

In the column on the left you can set all kinds of things, like your signature for example.

You'll see limitations in each part of it, an avatar can has the max size of 150x150 pixels for example.


If you have more questions, just ask!



I was definitely too late! :disappointed:

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Thank you so much for all your help!!!! i think i've understood everything you've said. I noticed that there was a part of the profile that said "your friends" and i dont have any yet :( How do i add to this? Thanks again for your help

You can click on a person's username in a thread or you can go to their profile and there will be an option to add as a friend, I just added you :D

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