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Nostalgia thread part III: First concert and last concert?

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First concert: Snow Patrol in 2007. I got tickets for my 18th birthday. :wacky:

First concert I paid for myself: The Fray in 2007

First free festival: Not sure. :blank: The fifth of May is our liberation day, so a lot of (mostly localish) bands play for free in the bigger cities. The first time I've gone must have been in 1997 or 1998.

First festival I paid for myself: Wâldrock in 2003 (I saw Iron Maiden, Lacuna Coil, HIM and a couple of others)

Last concert: Philip Selway last week

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First concert: U2 (Vertigo Tour 2006) - Opening Act: Franz Ferdinand

Last concert: Franz Ferdinand, March 2010 :lol:



first one I paid with my own money: Coldplay 2007 Latin American tour (first chilean show, I attended the other two for free :awesome:)


Next concert: Regina Spektor :heart:


nice thread!

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lol. no worries! I can't wait to see them again in a few weeks. I saw them this summer in Paris......it was amazing!

Indeed! Still one of my fav gigs ever :)


Edit :shame: :shy: :embarrassed: I just realise that was not for me



:facepalm::facepalm: :lol:

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Seats. I think I am in section 6. I am not brave enough for GA anymore!



Oh, I think I'm in like section 109. :disappointed:


I found out about the tickets late, and then had to convince my parents to let me go! :bomb: :lol:

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first: RHCP on 19.04.2007


at the time this band was my entire life. i lived and breathed them. i didnt sleep much the night before and even less the night after. the band didnt play a lot of their hits but they played a song that they hadnt played in over 18yrs, that was pretty special. thankfully the band was in real good form that night and gave us a wonderful show. i havent listened to their music since john left :(


last: Tame Impala @ uni


3rd time i saw them. best so far! they are getting better every year.

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Classical concerts don't count :P , so the first I've been to was

Maroon 5 in 2004 as far as I remember... :thinking:

That was also the first one I paid for.


Last concert: Muse at Wembley stadium, September 2010 :awesome:


Next one: Arcade Fire in November!

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First concert: Jimmy Eat World, February 2005


Last concert: Tom McRae, March 2010


Upcoming: Wir Sind Helden, in 10 days


BONUS: furthest traveled for a concert; Utrecht (Netherlands) - Brussels, Belgium to see Underoath. Traveled there and back again the next morning.

This will be surpassed soon though. Going to see Enter Shikari in Hatfield, England.

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First Concert I went to: Travis 2003. Ugh. So boring. I didn't want to go but my friend (through geographical reasons rather than quality of personality) had two tickets and could only go if somebody went with him. Filled with middle aged men and women. I was in the seated area too. At the end when everyone stood up and started swaying and singing to 'Why does it always rain on me?' I was nearly sick.


First Concert I wanted to go to and paid for myself: The Strokes 2006. Drunk on Strongbow. Was amazing.


Last Concert: CocoRosie 2010. Beautiful location (a church) and beautiful music. Would have preferred more from the first couple of albums though.


Next Concert: I dunno. Need money first.

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