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How many times do you hit the snooze button in the morning?

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I don't sleep well, up and down through the night; so when it's morning I do not want to get up. :dozey:

So as well as hitting the snooze on my phone I set at least 10 different alarms on my phone, at about 3 minute intervals.


I hit it 10 or 11 times this morning :freak:

I was okay at the beginning of the school year... I'd hit the snooze button only once or twice, but now I let it go off for almost two hours :shame:


So anyway, do you get yourself up as soon as your alarm goes off, or do you abuse the snooze button?

WTF time do you set it for originally?! :freak:

I hit it like, a lot of times. A lot of times. Sometimes when I set the alarm to wake up in the middle of the night, I don't remember snoozing it. And worse still, if I hit the snooze button and accidentally hit the wrong one... And turns it off. :|


I'm probably one of the hardest person to wake. And I can get really irritated when I wake up, tend to throw a tantrum lol. /i'm still a small kid

Whyyyy would you set the alarm to go off in the middle of the night?! :wtf:

i can't even hear my alarm anymore. :| would wake up hours after without even remembering turning it off.

THIS happens to me too!


Yet for some unknown reason you still wake up before or around 6am!!!

I used to kick and hit my parents when I was little and they woke me up for school :uhoh:


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Haha I know :bomb: They'd try to wake me up and I'd go nuts while I was still half asleep.


Poor parents, all they wanted was for me to get up and get an education :wacky:.

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I'm not sure why, but I never got into the habit of using the snooze button. I've only used it a few times in my whole life. Usually when my alarm goes off I either turn if off and get straight up even though it sucks, or I turn if off and lay there for a few more minutes but don't go back to sleep, then get up. This is why I get completely screwed over if I accidentally fall back to sleep. D:

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^ I used to do the same thing!


Id wake up to either a knock at my bedroom door telling me its time to go




before that


The sound of the outside Gate Opening.


To this day my first instinct when I hear keys turning the lock in a front door... is to run and hide.





I usually dont hit the snooze button at all


I just wake up when I wake up

No alarm.. therefore no snooze button.

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I used to have this problem where when my alarm went off, I wouldn't be fully awake so I'd have no idea what those numbers on the clock meant or what that sound was, I just had to make it go away. :blank: It was like that all through high school plus last year. I don't really have that problem now though. I guess because I don't live at home anymore so I have to depend on myself to be ready on time.

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