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In what way would you FUCK THIS FORUM?

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Merry Christmas Dfit00!


*cups Dfit00*



*Hug tackles Greg*




Is the LULS really on me when you are familiar with a brand of douches?

The reason for my familiarity of the brand lies within the nature of this thread, and hence I guess the luls still goes for you.

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While it's impossible Emp was laughing at my joke (As she wouldve had a split second to read it and respond) I'm still taking credit for that laugh.


I will always laugh at your jokes babes :lips:



of cotton wool, like those padded cells where they keep mentally unstable people.


I love him/her already :wacky:

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yeah gawd Cresty stfu :lol:


What's your name newbie? :p


It's Kelsey. Which came be a male or female name depending on where you come from or if you watch Frasier. But I am not going to tell you that just yet, keep a bit of mystery in the air! Afterall, nobody would watch scooby doo if the criminals handed themself into the crime fighting group a minuite into the show.

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