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The "Relate Everything Back To Coldplay Game"

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Thanksgiving is a holiday, which is celebrated primarily in the United States .. in the States promotions are paying off apparently and there number one album on charts ( iTunes ) is Mylo Xyloto. MX is the latest album of Coldplay (did i really have to explain the last part, lol :D)




EDIT: (I am really slow)

potato is vegetable. vegetable (along with fruits) are main food for Vegetarian people. Chris appears to be one. guess how Chris is related to Coldplay :) :P



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OXYMORON : A combination of contradictory or incongruous words - that word was NEW to me. Coldplay has come up with an album title consisting of unknown - read: NEW - words: Mylo Xyloto



EDIT: LEGO (trademarked in capitals as LEGO) is a line of construction toys manufactured by the Lego Group, a privately held company based in Billund, Denmark


Children - and parents, in particular the fathers, I think - are fascinated by Lego toys.


Coldplay members are all fathers - and I imagine that at least some of their children have lego toys and like to play with their LEGO toys - maybe assisted by their fathers.

And that they spend a great deal of time playing with it - as COLDPLAY spend a lot of time making & playing great music.


EDIT: There has been made a very lovely LEGO version of VLV. Great and time-consuming work. :heart: (thanks to Tracie Morgan for reminding me hereof)





New word: Spanish

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