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[3-July-2011] Coldplay @ Main Square Festival, Arras, France

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Well I didn't go to the loo from 6 am till 1 am the next day in Venice (long story..) so I'm prepared for the worst in Arras :P


As for the banner, I think the spray paint shouldn't take too long to dry, but I'm not really sure, maybe it also depends from the paint, not being really helpful I reckon :shame:

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hey guys!!


just wanted to say I'm going to Arras!

I have bought my ticket like 6 months ago but haven't planned anything yet (train tickets, hotel, etc.) :\

Where are you staying? camping? hotel? any good tips for me? :) :)


Have you already planned on meeting with Coldplayers? precise point of meeting + time? that'd be great!


I'm going alone so I'd be very happy to meet you guys there :)


Thanks a lot!!!!


Can't wait to see the boys!!!!! It's been 2 years for me! Seems like forever!

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One more question... are you guys meeting anywhere particular? 'Cause I'm coming to the festival with my sister and I might bump into you. Mais, je parle seule un peu francais. :)

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Hear Sunday's Main Square Festival set online

11:51 am

If you're in France you can also watch it live





On Sunday night (July 3), Coldplay will headline the Main Square Festival in Arras, France. If you can't make it along, then you'll be pleased to hear that the show is being broadcast live on France's Virgin Radio - and you can listen online, wherever you are, at VirginRadio.fr.


The performance will also be broadcast live on the Direct Star channel. If you're in France, you'll be able to watch it at http://www.directstar.fr/livetweet/.


The show is due to begin at 11.30pm French time - find out what time that is where you are.



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Hello Everyone, ColdplayFrance Tweet will all day on Sunday >> https://twitter.com/ColdplayFrance


We organize a small meeting, and we count on you to join our Staff Out There, On the Meeting after the show, is just outside the citadel.

A short article that explains how to do that is in French but the images clearly show the place which is a few seconds the gates of the citadel

>> http://www.coldplayfrance.com/meetingarras.html

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Couldn't resist buying some glowsticks today. :)


I'm going! :dance: :dance: :dance:



edit: can I be added to the list? I'd love to meet up with you guys (and to participate in whatever iniciative you're planning, if you're indeed planning something :P)! :nice:

Added! :nice:

See you on Sunday! :awesome:

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Yes, please please please someone try to record it! :nice:


I've just sewn straps onto the edges + middle of our banner-to-be!





Looking forward to how it'll look like. :)


That's looking great,Anna!!


See you tomorrow ;)

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