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The one word story.

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I went through the first 15 pages and put the words all together:



once. upon. a mountain there was a pretty unicorn flying over the moon with big wings that had a lot of colours on it and she ate his doughnut but the doughnut neighbor was mad and he said you are the worst unicorn that ever and... you are my stinky little poor unicorn that owes one million dollars from his cousin who destroyed the spaceship which exploded BANG!!! It had a very large and expensive diamond that had a cookie that always sparkle and smelled like vanilla pudding. It tasted like pure loveliness and I smiled sweetly because they always say you should give the hand that was very soft and warm but the cookie is evil with purple eyes that shoot llamas with spaghetti then the cookie ate some fresh carrots and lasers which was very dangerous elements of natural gas that had me! dizzy then it came from the south polar is a genuine cold little sheep with pink eyes that glitter with sparkling apples with me! Whats in the forest looks strange beneath the magical pool with fish after a cyclone had occured the last amazing and unforgettable tsunami ever, the second saga of the colourful pomegranates revenge of the ducks who had 9000 turtles. They cooked some tofu that had evil mushrooms. The kids stole the attack from a pirate (continues from pg 16)



I'll continue later...

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