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Copa Libertadores 2011

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Centenario will go quiet with us playing there :cool:


I don't think so mate ;) even when Peñarol is losing, the fans won't stop singing and shouting, it'll be a party whatever it happens for sure :smug:

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Internacional = luck luck luck luck luck luck........ + luck.

We didn't play as well as we usually do. In fact, we didn't play well at all. But we got a great result, that's what matters.


If we'd player like we usually do, we'd have won this match.


BTW, awesome goal by Leandro Damião.


Referee = bought by inter



Corujo & Martinuccio = best players of the field.


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What were you saying about bought referee? I think you guys bought him this time.


Anyway, we played like shit and deserved to lose. Well played.


:laugh3: If you think so....


I told you Peñarol never gives up ;)


Although I have to admit that I saw the end of the cup for Peñarol when Inter scored the first goal :P

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Peñarol won 2 - 0 against U. Católica from Chile !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Vamo arriba PEÑAROL!!!!!!


y dale alegría alegría a mi corazón, la copa libertadores es mi obsesión, tenes que dejar el alma y el corazón, tenes que dejarlo todo por peñarol, y yaaaaaa verás la copa libertadores vamo a ganar, y yaaaaa verás, no somos como los putos de nacionaaal (8)


I just arrived home from the stadium, I have no voice left!! :D What a great night!!

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Photos from the first final match between Peñarol - Santos played yesterday (June 15 2011), the pictures are from the Peñarol fans that made a very good job supporting their team:



















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