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Actually, I'm ever so skeptical that we'll all hate the album version for having too much synth. :embarrassed:


That higherish quality version was great though pansonic, thanks!


I'm sure that this will be the reaction of most of the users with regard to the "overproduced"-reactions after the MM- release. Btw I can't understand that, but ok.

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Meh, agreed Major Love. :/ I kind of think a lot of the synth melody would sound better as Jonny playing it on the guitar, but whatever. As much skepticism I have right now, it's much overwhelmed by how much I love this song, and I don't even know a single lyric yet!


The sad thing is I've spent all day singing this song's melody with the words of the Bad Boys theme. Bad boys bad boys, whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do when they come for you.... :embarrassed: Seriously though, POC is catchy as hell and I've only heard it like three times. :lol:

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