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Moving To Mars: LISTENING PARTY! Countdown to Friday 24th June, 11.45am (BST)

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I'm really hoping they'll pop it up on YT after airing. I can't see why not, especially considering they've done it now with both ETIAW and MM.


Suppose we'll find out.


Not long now -- I'm sort of really excited. I'm yet to hear anything I don't like.

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the real question is - will they put the song on a youtube video like with Major Minus?


This time I don't think so - but who knows...


Although I think that is actually a good idea since that way we can hear the song without downloading illegally until Sunday.

Yeah I think they will :D



Also, has Radio 1 said ANYTHING about playing MTM? :thinking: I haven't heard anything, I'm contemplating putting on Absolute Radio

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Tuning in to Fearne Cotton to hear the new Coldplay track.


After last night I'm really nervous again. After all, I wasn't overly impressed by MM studio version, so this has the real potential to swing either way.


It's the first time since I became a Coldplay fan I've been so nervous rather than just outright excited. LP5 is eating my soul.

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for those who didn't like Major Minus - (although I agree that the live version is quite better)


I tell you - never underestimate a Coldplay song. When Cemeteries of London came out, I thought it was OK but not a big deal - currently one of my fav songs.

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