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Major Minus: LISTENING PARTY! Countdown to Thursday 23rd June, 9pm (BST)


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It's cool. Pretty much the same as live, but I can hear acoustic guitar and bass a lot better. Chris' vocals are similar to ETIAW here, probably that thick vocal is a new Coldplay trend.


Hope somebody's recorded it 'cause I've missed the very beginning, trying to catch it at BBC and Absolute at the same time.

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It's fantastic, it really is. I was disappointed by "Every Teardrop is a Waterfall," but this surpassed my expectations. Very clean, very simple, very solid, and yet remarkably memorable. I hope this is on the new album, but I also know that whatever Coldplay chooses to put on it will be wonderful. Wouldn't mind it being the title track AT ALL, either.....which is saying quite a lot, because some of Coldplay's best songs are title tracks. Anyway, "Major Minus" is great.

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