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I like the effect, makes the song more into that UFO - space - mars era, like the alien effects at the end, THEY ARE BRILLIANT, oh and moving to mars gots more effects, specialy at the end of the song!!!! loving these effects in all the songs, NEW ERA = EPIC SPACE JURNEY


the Saturn 5 Trilogy > whatever Coldplay comes up with :nod:




??? :huh2:


Actually, thank you for that. Listening to "Major Minus" whilst watching that video proved to be extremely enjoyable.


This is the first thing that I thought of when I read it haha. Well not the video, but yeah. :|


I'm so bad at skanking lol, I can't even do better than those people and that's saying a lot :awesome:

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^ I know what you mean :wacky: I thought that Major Minus might be one of the handful of Coldplay songs that wouldn't grow on me . . . how wrong I was.


Now I think the vocal effects are freakin' cool! :cool:


On the CD you can hardly notice it.

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It's called Autotune, doofus. And it's skank. I'm sure they didn't have any depth reason to use it apart from they though lt it sounded good, when it ruins his voice. They need to fire their producer, he's totally fucked these songs


As an amateur producer I can assure you that it is not autotune.


It's more likely to be an overdrive stompbox. I've previously used guitar effects on vocals to achieve the same feeling.


Oddly enough, the song I used it on was quite thematically similar to Major Minus, so I guess authority fear and crushed vocals go well together.

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