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Was this Coldplay's best ever Glastonbury?

Guest howyousawtheworld

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:shocked2: What?! That crowd was outstanding!


The performance was NOT flawless as someone said earlier - especially the beginning was shaky and unfocused. It seemed to me like the boys aren't comfortable with Hurts Like Heaven yet - that opener did not work at all. But from there it only got better and more awesome and undescribably fantastic - a firework of highlights in almost every song. Nice setlist, although I would've loved one more song from the VLV era - like LiTii or Yes... Loved to hear Shiver again and GPASUYF in that great version!

And I actually do like ETIAW now after first I was a little pessimistic. But that live version was a kicker and a powerful ending of an unforgettable performance.


Oh, which Glasto was best? I'd say 2011>2002>2005 but only because 2002 was sooo special and important for the development of the band!


I think it was more because of the nerves than because of the song that the first song didn't go that well. And I think it showed so well how important they find Glastonbury that I felt it added to the amazingness especially because they recovered and got bloody brilliant after that.

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well i think that the 2011 performance was outstanding!!!

Chris was unbelievable,moving and bouncing up all the time.He really looked like he felt the time on glanstobury stage!!

the crowd saw that and enjoyed it! so did chris,don't you think??


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2005 for me, with any hesitation.

I watched the show on VH1 and I thought it was a good show but they were nervous at time.

Seeing Everything's Not lost being performed made my night but the Live 2003 version is Hands down their best performance of that song.

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2011 was the better performance. they have never been better, never been brigther, never been bigger than they were saturday night. it announced the band as the biggest in the world, but many already were aware of that.


i think 2002 was a bigger for the band's career. to headline glastonbury and to play a majority of your, to that point, unreleased 2nd album is amazing. think of where they were at that point. think of how nervous they must have been before that show. and think of how they had the crowd won over before the bridge of politik, the show's opener. truly incredible. it changed the trajectory of the band, or rather, announced to the world exactly where this band was headed.


suffice it to say, both shows were massive. these boys are special.

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So did Coldplay better their Glastonbury headlining sets from 2002 and 2005? Do you feel it wasn't as good as the previous two or was it somewhere in the middle?


For me personally tonight's headlining set blew the previous two showings out of the water. It was a miraculous set. For me it was the best headlining act at Glastonbury since Paul McCartney in 2004, and I thought Bruce Springsteen and Blur in 2009 wouldn't be beat!


What's your opinion?




Also interesting quote tonight on twitter from BBC 6 Music presenter Matt Everitt:


"When anyone asks, you can say that was the EXACT moment that Coldplay overtook

U2 as the biggest band in the world #p45forbono #bbcglasto"



2011 altough 2005 was great too ..as for u2 yes coldplay were better but have they overtaken u2. no.. they have a way to go before that
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