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that's great if you can make it for budapest... yeahhh, I know they're sold out... I tried to buy but no chance!!!! damn it... but I'll get tickets on ebay or something, will cost me a fortune but I don't care...


I'm fine... I'm in Portugal, last day of holidays... going back to switzerland tomorrow...


tomorrow? it means you'll miss Benfica - Barca...:sick: feel sorry for you...:(

to be honest first i realized that tickets are sold out and after that there'll be a concert :stunned: well,anyway i hope Budapest will work...

you can always try http://www.ateaseweb.com/mb/index.php?showforum=14

it's a ticket trade section,maybe works :/

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Lol I haven't been here in 5 years but I decided to pop my head back in for some nostalgia. Seems like this was my last post so here's an update... I finally saw Radiohead live in Manchester in 2017 a

yeahhh... I first thought the match was last week and I was planning to go to Lisbon, then I was so pissed... watch it on TV, TSR2 is showing it...


thanks a lot for the link, I'll check it out... I'll definitly be there, can't miss it!!!!

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this thread was almost on the 2nd page :bigcry: FUCK!


here's the next one, Zorana:

interview with Radiohead + performance of Karma Police from 2003



i was on a trip for the last 2 and a half days so i didn't see it till now..


THANK YOU NIK!! :kiss: :kiss: :kiss:

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