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Lol I haven't been here in 5 years but I decided to pop my head back in for some nostalgia. Seems like this was my last post so here's an update... I finally saw Radiohead live in Manchester in 2017 a

could the album maybe be 59mins in length?


EDIT : after spending most of my friday reading as much about the album and its promotion as i can. i think tonights event will just be a 1min promotional piece which could just be 10sec snippets from songs or the band talking about it. at the same time i hope im wrong and they webcast a full performance.

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it looks like it might be a promotion.



2.30pm update: rumours


The rumours flying about Tokyo at the moment range from the use of Shibuya's large TV screens to broadcast a song, or possibly even stream the whole album, to the rumoured announcement of Radiohead as a Fuji Rock Festival headline act. None of these can be confirmed, however.


A more serious report has suggested that the band's plan was to link up the three large P-Vision screens for a six minute broadcast, possibly a promotional video, but that concerns expressed by Tokyo police over the imminent arrival of thousands of fans may see the event cancelled altogether.


Check back with Time Out Tokyo to find out more as it happens.

Midday update


The band's people are dismissing any big event, though an insider who wishes to remain nameless has told us the situation remains exciting. "Even the country's biggest promotion companies are unsure", he explained.


Meanwhile, Japanese Radiohead fan pages are on fire. Bloggers on the Mixi social networking site are threatening to descend on Shibuya's Hachiko Square in hordes. "Im hoping it's going to be a live streaming," says Pattsun, an avid user of the site. "Let's just go," says 110, reflecting the general feeling on the site; Sumishi backs him up, predicting, "thousands of visitors".


"It's amazing that they've chosen Shibuya", says Onni, hinting at the question most fans are asking.


Why Radiohead have chosen the centre of Tokyo for this event is fairly obvious: it's often cited as the busiest intersection in the world, and on Friday night, as offices close, a captive audience is guaranteed. What will go down tonight has yet to be seen. Meanwhile, Time Out Tokyo prepares to U-Stream...

11am update


Radiohead's Japanese record company, Hostess, are claiming no knowledge of any events taking place in Shibuya this evening. According to their Twitter account, "nothing is planned". We're betting that won't stop half the city turning up at Shibuya Station's Hachiko exit, though.

Original article


Radiohead, one of the UK's most influential rock bands, hinted last night at an appearance in Tokyo's Shibuya district, in a stunt that seems calculated to coincide with their latest album release, The King of Limbs, out on Saturday, February 19.


The message, which was posted in Japanese, translated as 'Hachiko Square, Shibuya, 18.59, Friday'. It promptly sent fans into a frenzy, with many speculating that the band would make a live appearance in the area — a spot best known for its crazy pedestrian congestion and overhanging TV screens.


However, hours later the band responded, somewhat cryptically, saying, "The band will not be in Japan tomorrow so people should not go to Shibuya expecting to see the band in person".


At the time of writing, the Twitter message has yet to be taken down.


Sources suggest that, while Thom Yorke and his pals will not be jetting in, something interesting may be afoot involving the aforementioned TV screens — possibly a multiple-screen synch up and performance broadcast.




so we'll have to see what happens


Now unfortunately I probably won't be able to see this on time. But if you guys get a chance I got to see TimeOutTokyo's ustream. So if any of you can, perhaps try to check it out in like 4 hours when this is all supposed to happen.




I can't wait to see what is going to happen.

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