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Third song starting with "U" "Under Roof" ?

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That's a good spot there. But if everything we see on the instruments is a song title then there must be like 100 songs on LP5.

yes, but there are two types of writings on the instruments. Lyrics (which yes can be like 100) but also song names, that are more isolated....I would guess that Under Roof is one of those titles.

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I can also see "my scarecrow", "be careful" and a few more. Actually, most of the lyrics that can be seen at the piano are from songs we already heard.


Yeah, and that kinda frightens me a little bit.

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You could very well be right! I tried using photoshop on a few of Chris's older pics from festivals from the past month but it didn't help. :/ This pic is more high quality and I'd have to agree with your claim. I used to think it said "Under Road" or "Under Rose".


yeah, it frightens me too, have we already heard most of LP5? I hope not!


The way I look at it is like this. The piano didn't get painted until probably mid/late May at the latest and that was almost 2 months ago. If they haven't decided on the tracklist even now think how far back they could've been then. I imagine they did one of a few things.


1) Only put the references of the songs on there that they were almost 95%/100% sure of, which was mostly only the songs we know now.


2) Only put the songs they were going to play on, with a few additional mystery pieces, because, as is one of their rules, they have to keep "mysterious."


3) This artwork is only for this leg of the tour until October comes around and then they'll change it. After all, it's mostly only those songs they've played. And, hey! Maybe they'll play Car Kids, Rex (if that is a song), and Under Roof (also if that's a song) at later dates on this tour as well.


I wouldn't expect them to flesh out the artwork with 700 hints to all the songs we haven't heard. You know how they are. And besides, some of the stuff on here probably does reference other songs. They probably made it hard to read/messy on purpose. And we're still forgetting about Jonny's guitars and Guy's bass. ;) So.


note: That double MM stylistically drawn on there vividly reminds me of the exhibition room logo, which I had previously thought was two M's sharing a middle bar. I'm not saying it has to be. But what if this means Major Minus is the album title? "Two words, starts with M." I'm not saying it has to be. But maybe the guy's name on the album is "Major" (like a general) Minus. Pure speculation and I'm probably wrong. :P lol but just a thought. I mean there's more reference to that song on his piano than any other and the "Major Minus Media" logo is the most prominent and carefully placed one on their shirts it seems.

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I seriously doubt that the guys would give us half the album before we even know the tiniest bit about it. Just think of how mysterious they've been lately. Why would they go to all that trouble if we already knew so much of the album?


Don't panic, my fellow Coldplayers. I'm sure we'll be in for a pleasant surprise :cool:

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^Agreed. If Chris already said that this album will be their "masterpiece" and surpass previous material, then they would never reveal half of the album without promotion. These new songs are just for the live shows so that they do not play a greatest hits tour. They need new material to keep it interesting and are not able just to play all classics yet. I know that maybe one or two of these songs will be on there, the rest will be new, fresh, and amazing music for all of us to enjoy. The greatest Coldplay album is right around the corner..

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I really feel like a lot of Coldplayers are going to be in for a sad realization when the album tracklist is released and the songs we've heard are nearly all on it.


The idea that the bad wouldn't play a greatest hits setlist at festivals is pretty flawed, because Chris himself has apologized for playing new songs. While he's being self-deprecating in saying that, we know he wouldn't be saying that at a Coldplay concert. Cause everyone would flip if they played new material.


I'm sure the band has some stuff up their sleeves. We've heard what - seven new songs? One of them only once - but still. I have to feel there's a good chance they'll be on the album.


Coldplay don't just write music for their fans - they also exist in the modern music world where many artists and bands release all their songs before the album or play all of them live.


I expect plenty of other songs to come out of the LP5 era, I just don't expect all the one's we've heard to be some special "festival circuit setlist". Charlie Brown, HLH, MM, Us Against the World, ETIAW - they're all here to stay. Of them, I'd only be marginally skeptical about the inclusion of MM and ETIAW. But thematically MM seems to be very important and apart of the other songs. Maybe just maybe ETIAW was just going to be a throw away single. I wouldn't put it past them. But part of me doesn't believe the band would come out with a new single for the world, and not believe that single was good enough or fitting for the album. It was their reintroduction to the wider world outside of us Coldplayers.


I just have to think they'd come out trying to hit a homerun.

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^ No doubt we'll see at least 2-3 of these new songs on the album, but I highly doubt that the guys would give us a bunch of songs off their 'masterpiece' months beforehand (see my previous post above).


I remember that the guys played a ton of new songs before ARoBttH was released, but not all of them made it on the album. I can think of 'Solid Ground' 'Amsterdam' and 'Idiot' (and maybe 'A View From The Top'?) just off the top of my head. Whereas, only Amsterdam made it onto the album--as a reworked version with slightly different lyrics, at that.


Maybe they're doing a repeat of that era with LP5? :shrug:



As for ETiaW being a 'reintroduction' for the people outside this fanbase . . . wouldn't it make sense for it to be released as a single and then consequently left off the album? Think of it this way: You're a semi-casual fan of Coldplay, you've bought their albums and been to a few gigs of theirs, but you aren't so enamored with them that you stalk their Facebook/Twitter/fansites for new information. When you hear that they've released a new single (ETiaW) you buy it, end of story. A few weeks later, an EP is released with ETiaW included. You buy the whole EP and that's that.

A few months later, you buy their new album only to find that the single you bought from them twice before a few months prior has been included and is taking up a slot that could otherwise be filled with a completely new song.


I don't know how the rest of you would feel about that, but I would feel slightly cheated. This also goes for some of you which have bought not only the single and EP, but vinyl and CD released also. If I had a limited amount of money to spend on Coldplay, I wouldn't want to buy a song more times than I had to.


Not trying to be belligerent or anything, but I just think it would be smarter if the guys kept ETiaW off LP5's tracklisting :shrug:

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