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Twitter - Working on a setlist for friday's iTunes festival .. PH - Which song do you want to be pla

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Princess Of China

Square One

Charlie Brown

Hurts Like Heaven

Life In Technicolor ii



Warning Sign

Green Eyes

White Shadows

Fix You

Speed Of Sound

Viva La Vida

Death And All His Friends


Lovers In Japan

Cemeteries Of London

Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall


Moving To Mars

Major Minus


...but I don't know in which order :D

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Don't pick Princess of China, we're going to hear that song eventually. You need to pick an older song that probably won't be played again. Mine is 'Low'.


I dont think they'll play it thats why i Pick it. :shocked2:

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I highly doubt they'll play any other older songs, I'm thankful for what we got at Glastonbury as it was! I don't see Moving To Mars working out liv, it just wouldn't seem right, and they'll definitely play the same new songs as before. I'm sure the setlist will not be much different from what it has been for the past few months.

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So So. Cause they always put their names in the end of the tweets



Phil did tweet, I'm saying after the PH, YOU added the What do you want to hear, and it sounded misleading as if Phil was asking us what we wanted:rolleyes:

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