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The Many Mystery Messages Of Mylo Xyloto

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I posted this in the other thread too but




Ey,that Luminous thing can be see in the PoC video! I remember that someone posted an image where you could read something of L..NOUS



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This seems like the most suitable place to put my findings.

Well, as you all probably know by now, MX is being released on October 24. 24, of course, is the reverse of 42.

Also, a quick countdown will reveal that the single Paradise will be released 42 days before MX.

This is either a rather circumstantial coincidence, or the band have done a bit of thought.

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They were probably just trying to choose release dates and since they like 42 so much... interesting discovery though! Today is also the 12th which is half of 24, thats probably a coincidence though.


To get back on topic I didn't really notice anything new but I really like the middle part of the artwork with all the red/yellow/white/blue paint. Kinda makes the shape of a heart actually. Also the 'under 1 roof' thing is in the bottom right corner. Thats shown up on the piano, the website announcement, and now this. Wonder what it is.

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I think something we all have to realize is just like Viva, there are a lot of references to songs on/off the album in the artwork/booklet... ETIAW may not be on the album because of this.... Same with others :)




(Although ETIAW will probably be on it, since they called "Paradise" the NEXT single off the album.)

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other things I can see on the cover:

"the two of us ...grave

speeding ghost

and a shadow to the

(written in pink) the road

sea we swam from the shallows

to battle (...) glow wh(..)

we´re gonna (...) (...) only

(...) take you (...)"

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