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Charlie Brown On Sky One Advert [CLIP IN FIRST POST]

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Oh my fucking god...the outro with the violin is sooooo beautiful! This song IS simply beautiful... also Hurts Like Heaven, PoC and Us against the world.


Gosh I have everything that I wanted during this era now... (but I would take some other new songs as well). ;)

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this reminds me of when fix you's first exposure in the states was at the end of a tv teenage drama called 'the oc'. i listened to a 1-minute long mp3 someone ripped over and over again, and had distinguish between the song and the sound of someone passing out/falling/dying in a swimming pool on the program. luckily their snl appearance soon followed.


charlie brown sounds great, even with the canons.

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There are two moments that absolutely cemented me as a Coldplay fan -- and one of them was from hearing "Fix You" on The OC. I just downloaded all their albums straight afterward and my love for them just continued to grow and grow and grow.


Thankful for that. Immensely.



"Charlie Brown" is going to kill in the charts, I'm positive of it.

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