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[21-Sept-2011] Coldplay @ Much Music, Toronto

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hey hux, i hope your right! im in the process of taking work off, booking hotels, and planning road trip.. would be terrible to be turned away at the door.


do you know other quebecers who won??


No, I don't. Where are you from? I'm roadtripping also :)

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A wristband you mean? :) Or a good spot to the show?


well tomorrow I am going right after class to wait for my wristband. Going super early just means I am FOR SURE going to get one, and I am already shaking with excitement!

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I can only assume it will be a long line and yes I can't imagine them giving out hundreds of wristbands so limited supply is right


Wow w1ll1am7 your going to line up at 10? I was thinking 12/1ish that's early.


you can call me William or Will, and I figured I'd go early, do some readings for school while I wait and make sure I definitely get a wristband ensuring I get to be at the show, which I can wait for at the same time the day of the show!

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Good luck to everyone trying to get tics!!


Maybe this is wishful thinking, but the guys are probably going to be doing a soundcheck for the show earlier in the day, you think they'd come by the people waiting outside to take pics and sign autographs? If we make enough noise they might! That's the beauty of having a smaller show like this, it's not like there's going to be hundreds of people waiting outside in the afternoon like there would be for a festival.

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I just saw this on Coldplay's website: "We have five pairs of tickets to give away to Coldplay.com readers. If you'd like to win a pair, then click here and enter your details before 9am (Toronto time) tomorrow, Thur 15 Sept. You must be over 14 to enter, and the prize consists just of tickets (not travel or accommodation). "


Since it's only tickets it doesn't help me out much. :( But I thought I'd share in case someone wasn't able to get wristbands today. I'll have to deal with just watching the show on tv.

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