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Re-introduce yourself

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I am..


re-introducing myself.


Hello...Everyone! I'm Melissa--and still fairly new to this website.


i don't usually do things like this but i have a blog at Wordpress called Mellynnwrites and have started blogging on topics such as Coldplay (for one), tattoos (and people's reactions to them), my novel and future ideas for the second and third ones, short stories, travel, and TV and movies.


At this point i am very curious about people's reaction to tattoos (the blog is titled "Something disturbing...." and as i'm from the US and have traveled but only to limited countries, i am interested in opinions/thoughts from all over the world. :wink3:


As i LOVE Coldplay, and this is a huge website, i thought i could maybe post this here and get some responses.


if you visit me at Mellynnwrites.wordpress.com, i'll be very grateful, if not, that's ok :D we're all still Coldplay fans, right?!:D

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