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What could it mean?

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MMIX stands for Mature Mix. :cool: or maybe Meow Mix? :P how about Mobile Missile #9? :inquisitive:

Or maybe, just maybe, it stands for a certain type of computer architecture, a 64-bit RISC computer. ..I'm having flashbacks about computer programming, time to escape! :escaping2:

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In an interview, I've read/heard (I can't remember) that it really doesn't mean anything. It kinda refers to someone they were working with during the making of the album (some technician, I think...or a producer...:thinking: ) and he had an idea about a...a sound maybe ? :thinking: I really can't remember the details at all :lol: Anyway, the point is that it doesn't mean anything. (and I'm sure of it, it's the only thing I remember :lol: )

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