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[21-Oct-2011] Coldplay @ Today Show, Rockefeller Plaza, New York, USA

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I went with my daughter and we got there around 5am. We ended up in the back by the stage & lift that Al Roker would go up and down on. We couldn't see a darn thing but they sounded great!! After it was over we went and watched the guys break down the stage. I talked to Hoppy and he gave me a guitar pick! It is cool, has MX on one side and Coldplay on the other in that MX font. My daughter really wanted her own so she got the nerve up to ask Hoppy herself and he asked her if she played guitar. She said no, she plays piano and he gave her 3 more!! We said hi to Matt & Bash as well. We saw Frank. It was neat to see them at work. We also saw some guy that I did not recognize carrying the elephant suit in clear plastic bag!! I am not sure what they were doing with the elephant suit there. I took some cool pics of the stage & equipment. I will upload and post them soon.


Also on a side note.....we went to the Nintendo World after watching the stage break down and some guy in there was with his son. He told us that his wife just saw Apple at the Lego store 5 min ago so I guess they were doing some shopping while they were there.

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Thousands of Coldplay fans wrapped around a dark Rockefeller Plaza on Friday morning (October 21) waiting to get into the group's "Today" show performance.


While most woke up before sunrise, some even camped out overnight to catch the seven-time Grammy-winning band perform.




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Ok so here how it went down, so Mike, Angie and I get there at 5 am, met up with Chels, Erica and Steph and got everyone in their appropriate vip lines, always the mom coordinating! so there were 3 diff vip lines, and Ang & I were at a a diff one, the 30 Rock peeps line, so we walk in and the security lady was like " you are very early, you will be escorted around 5:30 to the VIP section so we werent sure which one but anywho, I guess I had the Coldplay karma cause we were brought right next to Jonny side front pit where all the techy sound boardy mechanics were and all the roadies wereto gather. Miller walks out and I'm like holy crap, standing right next to me and angie. of course he says hello to Angie, As did most of the roadies, techies, mangagers etc. Angie introduced me to a few of them, and I could hardly keep my mouth from dropping. We were in the Cat bird seat and I was in Friggin Fangirl Heaven. I contained my composure and everyone was very sweet and I managed to handshake with a firm grip like my dad taught me (and not a wet fangirl fish kind) and smile and speak.... all at the same time! ha! I could not believe where we were, feet from the stage and the only thing seprating us from the soundboard, computers etc was the barrier!! Franksy came out and came right up to Angie and said hello, it was such tight quarters we were basically on top of each. other. Took some pics of set list which was inches from me and there low and behold was the Will CAM!! Matt came out and he and Angie chatted for a bit, the guys were so nice and those accents just kill meeeeee!! Oh we looked for Sweet Cheeks Phil, but I don't think he was there.....damn!


Then it was all down to business, its a small stage even with the ramp, everyone was busy getting their jobs done. I was watching them in awe, how they all were in sync, almost reading each others minds, one look and they knew what each other was thinking, nodding and getting the task accomplished. Obviously they have done this a thousand times before and it was a much smaller venue but I feel so lucky to be able to watch the most amazing band in the world and their most fabulous crew, getting everything down perfect so they can do what they do best. perform. It takes so many people to create a show and I truly have a new appreciation for all the roadies, managers, make up, assistants. I have been in the pit before but this was different, I know they all work hard but it was wonderful to see it in action. Checking and double checking all the instruments, wires, cords, lights, etc. It was a wonderment to watch how it all comes together. I was in heaven and the show had not even started!!


So now comes the sound check, it was cold, so cold :P. Will, Jonny and Guy came out but Chris did not. sound checked CB, VIVA etc. Guy was wearing what I call his Mr. Rogers cardigan and Will and Jonny had on jackets. oh and it was dark, really dark, the sun did not rise until 7ish so it was like night time dark but everyone was a bit groggy and tired.


so we look at the ever changing set list and it finally says 8:15 start. The today show gets started around 7 and Al Roker finally comes out to chat and the crowd goes crazy, he gets on the Cherry Picker and does his shtick, love Al.


So now for the show, The boys come out and everyone of course freaks out, we were right by door, but there was so much technical stuff, coldplay and the today show cameras lights it was hard to take pics of them coming out. trust me, I'm not complaining! I got one of Guy. The boys look amazing and ready to roll. The stage is not so big so Chrissy cant run around too much but i can tell he is psyched to get out on that ramp! hold on BRB


So Yellow comes on and we are sooo pumped, Jonny of course is amazing standing feet from us, Chris looks like he is going to burst with all his energy guy is smiling (yeah!) and will looks fabu. the set and lights were awesome. The set list I think was posted so Im just remebering bits and pieces, Chris started playing at little bit of the The Scientist and my heart melted a bit, the piano was totally facing us, see my siggy pic below so were were able to get some good shots with him sitting down, i think i only tried to get some of him moving around, which is virtually impossible, frickin like a jack rabbit jumping around so much. we had fab view of him there. Then did some Amy Winehouse love with a shmidgen of Rehab.


When Charlie B comes on i go into total jump mode could not contain myself, wanted so badly to take vid and it totally sucks but i couldnt stop dancing!!

I absolutely love that song and my heart was soaring to hear it live again. They moved the big drums to the front when Viva came on and Our Man Will was front and Center! got a few shots of him there. Got to show the Will love, really wanted o hear UATW so all the Today show tv fans could hear "The Voice of an Angel" sing. Oh will had the cutest red heart either on the bottom of his shirt or on his pants (see pic) With Viva Jonny does his key board and Guitar right in front of us so got lots of good shots. Para comes on and Chris's voice is gorgeous. Fix You ends the show and got a good vid (cause the british jumping bean man is sitting some of the time) Got to see my fav Light bulb swing when Chris took off his jacket and starts winging it round and round and the crowd freaks, hes running round doing his thing on the ramp. tumbling, bobbing,rolling swaying, it was so fanfuckingtastic I could not contain my joy, held back a tear and thanked God that i got to share this amazing experience with my wonderful coldplayer friends and The Birthday Girl, Miss Angie.


This show was a lot different that the Show in 2008, (thanking Ian for the 10 millionth time) The guys did a much longer sound check, more interaction with the crowd. I can still remember it like it was yesterday. prob due to the weather, it was actually the last days school that June so there were more kids there back then. I got a whole new perspective this time. but Loving each experience in its own way.


Sorry this is so long ..... so after the show angie got two set lists and we got some Picks, We didn't want to leave but we were starving...... Oooops should have not mentioned the whole food thing..... but thats another story. Pics coming now and Angie and Mikes are much better than mine




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Thanks to everybody who posted and will be posting photos! I got there at 3:30 a.m. to find a line already almost halfway around the block. I was able to hang out with several students from Stonybrook University who were wonderful and great Coldplay fans - new friends. They finally started letting us in little by little around 6 a.m., and we ended up in the middle of the crowd. Unfortunately, I think only those with VIP passes or who camped out were close enough to see anything. I didn't get to see the boys at all, they might as well have been on the radio. But it was still a lot of fun to be in the crowd and to hear Coldplay! Someone from the front tweeted the setlist but our Chris did divert from it a little - during a commercial break he said something about keeping us interested and they did an abbreviated version of The Scientist.


Afterward we went up front by the sound board just in case someone might come out. I did see Miller and spotted Dan Green - I called a hello to him and he came over and gave me a set list!




Dan seemed a little surprised that I knew who he was!


It was an enjoyable time - I was a little disappointed that I didn't even get to look at the boys from a distance, but it was fun to come home and watch the show which I had recorded. Next time it'll be VIP for me, I hope!

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ok pic time full link to all pics http://s298.photobucket.com/albums/mm260/tlcegan/Coldplay%20Today%20show/



Here's Fix You


<iframe width="420" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/zCwyTui06Y4" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

5:30 AM













































































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So here are my videos from the show, the audio sucks, but the video is still good. I was camping out with tons of other people including "In a telesope lens" haha



[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EYdShhIoavM]Me and my friends at Coldplay Today Show 10-21-11 - YouTube[/ame]


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kpgil8AjBl8]Coldplay Soundcheck for Today Show 10-21-11 (Viva La Vida) - YouTube[/ame]


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RBJhjztcVd4]Coldplay Today Show Soundcheck 10-21-11 (Charlie Brown) - YouTube[/ame]


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OtRpgeH2pB8]Coldplay Live on Today Show 10-21-11 (The Scientist) - YouTube[/ame]


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P1WKz1tF1Pc]Coldplay Live Today Show 10-21-11 (Viva La Vida) - YouTube[/ame]


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ANvMBysyOs]Coldplay Live Today Show 10-21-11 (Every Teardrop is a waterfall) - YouTube[/ame]

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I'm going to try and get my stories and pictures up tonight! I have to go out for a bit, though, and most of my digital photos are either too dark or too light and need some editing (I brought my SLR camera and needed to change the settings every five minutes because it was SO BRIGHT on the stage, but then Chris would come close and he'd be moving too fast for the settings...)


Anyway, I haven't had time to do anything but sleep since--I was awake for 34 hours, pretty much, and had to sleep that off, so I haven't watched any of the videos (or Colbert) or looked at other peoples' stories/photos or anything :uhoh:

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I got really good pictures guys! They are all on my facebook though, so I need to try to upload them to flickr. :dance:

I got front row, so I was really close :wideeyed: It was incredible.


*Christa 42* I think I saw you, you're in a lot of my pictures hahah :laugh3: I believe you were wearing a yellow shirt? :thinking:


Well here's the link to my facebook for those of you who are my friend on there, http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.2114556832110.2100637.1491360631&type=3


:dance: I'll write a review later. :)

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