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[21-Dec-2011] Coldplay @ O2 World Arena, Berlin, Germany

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Does one have to worry about getting a 15-year old brother inside the Arena at the concert-day?? On the O2-Arena official homepage it says that persons under the 16-year-age limit will be denied acces.. Hmm. Do they check ID on every person entering the venue? I don't think, or hope, so.. :P Hope that you can confirm that they don't.. My brother is taller than myself and does not look like a 15-year old, certainly..

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2 standing tix Berlin swap with 2 London tix


i have got 2 standing for the Berlin show and would like to swap them for 2 London tix, maybe i have also 2 standing Franfurt for swapping?


please send pm,


hope i will see them in the O2 London:)

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Yesterday I brought my standing ticket. The hotel room is also reserved. A great pre-Christmas gift! :D


You're going from Hamburg as well? Will you go with a friend/friends?

I'm going to, but haven't yet decided whether staying overnight or not. Depends on the weather.

If there's no snow or such, I'll be driving back home afterwards ...

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