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i think it leaked?

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It was around 10 to noon at the Dutch 3FM

It sounded just like the live version but without the crowd clapping and it had a beautiful piano part at the end... amazing!


i'll try to get it recorded and post it on youtube or something

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The whole album leaked maybe an hour ago...

I don't mean to be rude and a buzz-kill (even though I definitely am about to be) but people should really try not to listen to it until it's actually released by the band. It's not meant to be out yet and I'm sure all of them are very upset/annoyed/who knows what else that the excitement has been ruined...

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The whole thing just leaked! Listening to the record right now.


me too, got it from a friend yesterday...love it!


And like Twistedmind said, I'm gonna buy it anyway, have it on pre-order. It was just a treat to get a copy early and have a listen. Leaks happen with every major band, it's just part and parcel of this digital age.

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