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What do you think of the HLH studio version?

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I do like the album version, it's brill, but... I think the verses need to be sped up a bit, particularly the opening couple. They just feel really slow, and seem to lack the energy from the live shows. I know it's studio, but I think speeding up the opening a bit may have helped...

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overall it's great but I prefer the live version....

by the way, it's very strange listening HLH on my ipod without the MX intro.

they should keep as one single track, like Yes/Chinese Sleep Chant.



I agree, but if they did, the intro would have been too long and when it's played on the radio, it would take a while for non huge COLDPLAY fans to know that it's Hirts Like Heaven.


I actually love the album. Amazing. And HLH studio is amazing. It shows their artistic side. The live shows their huge amazing raw talent.

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I'm glad that I hadn't watched the summer festivals before the album release. I see a lot of people complaining about the studio versions.

I heard all of the songs (minus the singles) for the first time when I got the album and I fell for MX instantly. :heart: HLH and CB were the main reasons why.

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