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Chinese toddler run over twice, ignored by 18 pedestrians

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This is absolutely disgusting. It says a lot about how far we've come if something like this happens and some of us would ignore it. I'm going to risk being accused of being racist and say that this would only happen in a secluded or over-populated country, such as China. I don't mean to offend anyone, but Western countries aren't as strict as some Eastern ones, I know this from being part-Arab and learning about some of the culture of other countries.


This isn't a statement on the Chinese people IMO, it's more a statement on how the country is run, which has led people to not care or maybe even not notice it. Culture did this.

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Gosh, what's wrong with those people? What? Are they all blind? Or deaf? For f*ck sake, I bet she was even screaming. Maybe they thought she was taking a damn nap on the floor? Ugh, disgusting people.

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There are a few reasons for this, including a strange Chinese custom where you have to take care of the person whose life you save - for the rest of their life.


Then there's the fact there was a recent Chinese court case where an elderly woman didn't want to be saved and she sued her rescuer and won in court.

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I've read that before, but it proves again that: China = selfish society with no morality at all


Oh right, also I'm sure that 7 old kid didn't want to be saved and the mother would have sued any of those 18 disgusting people that ignored her if they had tried to help her.

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Absolutely horrible, I don't care what people think/worry about getting sued or whatever

, f that..


If another human being is hurt and you have the power to help them, WHY IN THE WORLD would you just walk away..................


At that point, you're really not human, no way.. no way you can have absolutely no emotions/feelings for that person, ESPECIALLY a child. God... really makes my blood boil.

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I prayed for this little girl Yueyue


I know zombies robots dictated by the government they lost their souls................................ :angry:


The video has been viewed by millions of people around the world and has led to a heated debate in China about whether the country has reached a moral low.


it's been that China is a country gouveremant dictator. the Chinese are domesticated by the state and is not the Arab countries.

but other countries are licking asses. make money with China. because it costs less, lower quality products. it's more ugly.

China ruin the economy of the others countries

the countries are not able to get the poor countries and give them an economy and pay the same price as in China, but with better quality. ( amount of work is not quality )

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Scam fears


Some said they understood the dilemma for the passers-by - that if they helped out they might incur costs or be blamed for the accident.



The China Daily reported incidents in January in which elderly men who fell in the street were left alone because people did not want to get involved.


It cited an earlier case in which a man, Peng Yu, who helped an injured elderly lady to hospital was then found by a court to be liable for some of her medical costs.


Another case - in which an elderly woman believed to have fallen in the road accused a man, Xu Yunhe, who stopped to help her, of hitting her with his car - also attracted considerable attention.


"There's been so many cases where people have been treated unjustly after doing good things," one comment said.


"I am not as rich as Xu Yunhe and Peng Yu are, we are all poor grassroots people," said another. "If we get caught in a scam, this is it. All we can do is to dial 120 (the emergency number)."



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