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[Pitchfork Article] The Coldplay leader on Eno, Radiohead, and his band's new LP, Mylo Xyloto

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gwyneth asks chris about jay z ? isnt she already super close to jay and beyonce ? arent they family friends ?


No, no, he meant it's the same situation with his wife, not that she asks about Jay Z. He means people wonder how he managed to get someone like her to marry him.


No - Gwyneth is close family friends w/ Maya Rudolph (who looks nothing like Beyonce) plus could you imagine Jay-Z and Gwyneth being close family friends, it's like a different strokes episode.


Jay and Gwyneth are actually super close BTW. All of them are, C and G went to B and J's wedding.









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^ :nod: You don't want to be caught singing along to Everything In It's Right Place.


Great interview, one of the best I've read recently.


I love "Last Friday Night" by Katy Perry almost as much as "Karma Police"

I posted something like that last week (about Sweet Dreams I think, and Everything In It's Right Place). I swear Chris lurks here. :P


Seriously though, that quote is such a refreshing way to look at and listen to music. Some people might not agree, and I still can't completely think like that myself, but I really want to.

It's also the statement Mylo Xyloto tries to make (both the album and the title). No boundaries, no genres, no names, no prejudices.


And I loved the last line. :laugh3:

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I think that's one of the best Chris Martin interviews I've ever read! :) The questions are good and his answers are great. I learned quite a bit about their music and I could relate to many things he said including liking "Last Friday Night" (yes! :P). There are definitely some quotes I want to keep.

I especially liked this question and the answer to it:

"Pitchfork: But everyone there loved it. And when I saw you at Madison Square Garden at the beginning of the Viva la Vida tour, you messed up a couple lyrics, too, but you make it work somehow. At the same time, I can't help but think that another area rock act like Bruce Springsteen probably wouldn't do those things."


I looove what Chris said here: "But even though some of the things I do can come across nerdy or unprofessional, it's at least true to me. Now more than ever, pretending not to be myself would end even worse. [...] So the only thing you can rely on is not being false. [...] it's also why people like us, because it's coming from straight from the heart. There's nothing in the way. When I fall, I fall. That actually happens quite a lot, just not on camera-- that was embarrassing."

Wow, it is part of why I love Coldplay and Chris. I can relate so much to it and I actually think what he said there can help me staying true to myself and being the nerdy, awkward person I am. It might sound cheesy, exaggerated and all, but it's true.

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That was a really good interview. Some interesting questions and answers from Chris that were smart, funny, polite, and honest.


This part was nice to see:


"CM: Well, for all my talking, I'm very proud of my band, and when we're playing together, I love it. It's given me everything good in my life. Everything."

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I love pop music - about half of my SOTY selections can be classified as "pop" or "indie pop." That being said, I do have concerns that they're listening to Katy Perry. At the risk of sounding elitist, "Last Friday Night" should not be in any sentence with "Karma Police."


Also, I don't think Thom Yorke has ever spewed "smug bullshit" by saying stuff like "pop music is bad."




I agree oh so much (as I often do with you , somehow).


And sorry, don't shoot me, but sometimes Chris talks too much! I just wanna make him STOP TALKING! Cause he seems like such a kiss-ass when he praises EVERYBODY . I mean, Justin Bieber and Katy Perry... compared to Radiohead? Rihanna the best vocal ever? Come on, Chris, please... What is the point? I honestly do not believe that he thinks this ,but whatever. Makes him look silly , in my opinion.

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