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Coldplay on Howard Stern - 9 November 2011 8.00am EST

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Bump away. :D


Bob Marley or Michael Jackson are my #1. :awesome:


Part 4:

-Play a little of Speed Of Sound.

-I don't really want to.


-Do it, don't be a pussy.

-I'm not being a pussy.

-Man up!

-I'm fucking manned up! :angry:



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Thnx for posting the links. Never watched this before. Chris seems like a nice guy. Honest, funny, won't let someone put words in his mouth. He seems most comfortable to please and when he's singing is when he looks the most comfortable and happy. I came away with the thought, he would be great to be friends with. :wacky:

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^ I think they once said a long time ago that they split equally, and so everyone thought so, and usually when being asked they nod. But this time, Howard Stern got Chris to open up more during the interview, and eventually when being asked about how they split royalties, Chris said that he gets 40.


Honestly, even though the "splitting equally" thing is nice, I don't mind that much that they don't.

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The frontman usually gets more money than the rest of the band. Considering Chris writes basically all the songs I think that's fair he get more. However, he gives the rest of the band equal writing credit if you look in album booklets.


I remember they used to split it equally, but over the years it probably changed.

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