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What drugs have you tried?

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is no better a girlfriend or boyfriend that you all meeting in your real life ? :thinking:




So me is xanax but psy want to take drugs, and forces me.

my memory will fade, and no more than a vegetable because drugs = poison .


I will always prefer a boyfriend or husband has to say stop all these real drugs. and less anxious and alone




[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AMrbCXdzP1s]Lady Xanax - YouTube[/ame]


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I smoke weed fairly regularly if I'm just chilling with some mates after college, I really do think it's fine as long as you don't do it every single day. It's almost definitely better than tobacco as you don't need as much, and it's not full of nasty chemicals, but unfortunately there is the downside that almost everybody mixes it with tobacco so it smokes well. As for harder drugs, I've been offered all sorts at festivals but never accepted anything other than laughing gas, which did absolutely nothing. I wouldn't really want to try harder drugs either as I have friends who have had problems (one of my best friends took ecstasy & speed at the same time & had a stroke). If I ever do feel the urge I'm sure it would only be with people I know & trust and definitely take it easy, and definitely nothing that can effect you in the long term.

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Oh I just remembered the last time I had paracetomal that put me off having it if I need to do something. I had a REALLY bad headache, so I took the recommended dose of 2 tablets, and literally NEEDED to go to sleep, no way I could have stayed awake. It did get rid of the headache though :P

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You need to blow all the air out of your lungs, and then slowly keep blowing in and out over and over until the carbon dioxide produced begins to escape and the balloon eventually gets smaller, it should take quite a long time (Like over a minute) but a lot of people just inhale the balloon.


You should feel a lot more then just vaguely light headed, it is used to knock people out after all.

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Yeah, so I'm not surprised it didn't work at all, I think your friends were having the placebo effect.


Here's an instructional video with a funny ending:


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jG-t7RjUjM8]LAUGHING GAS VERY VERY FUNNY MC KOFI B SPECIAL - YouTube[/ame]


It looks like it hit that guy hardest because he did it right, hes slowly breathing it in and out until it gets useless then it goes down very quickly. It really is impossible to stand, I'd hate to do it at a festival.

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