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[1-Jun-2012] Coldplay @ Emirates Stadium, London, UK

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it was me !! :D unless there was another proposal during this song...

well i didn't plan to propose at the concert(had the ring just in case :) ) but it was such a religious experience that i couldn't help it

the sequence of viva la vida and the charlie brown with the xylobands at the dark was epic

then came paradise and i knew that was the moment

it wan an amazing night regardless to the proposal

thanks Coldplay and to the amazing crowd that was also a part, because the sing along was incredible through the all night



She did say yes, right?!

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who cares?! we were at a COLDPLAY concert!!!!:laugh3:

yeah she did, though she didn't have much choice...


Congrats! Although if she had said no it would of been quite difficult to run off!

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Coldplay 2012 Live At The Emirates 1st June


Hi everyone,


I'm sure many of you attended some of the recent concerts as part of Coldplay's stadium tour - or will be seeing them in the next few days, so I thought you might be interested in reading my review of Friday night's gig at The Emirates.


"When you're one of the biggest bands on the planet, there's only one way to step up a gear - embark on a nationwide stadium tour. Armed with a hypnotising light show and pyrotechnics to blow any jubilee celebration out of the water, Coldplay delivered a truly incredible show. 60,000 people can't be wrong..."


Read more by clicking the link below:




Give it a read if you're interested.



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On Friday Janine and I went to our fourth concert of the year and one we have been looking forward to for awhile. It took place at Emirates Stadium (home of Arsenal Football Club) and it featured one of our favourite bands...Coldplay! We got there reasonably early and found a few geocaches in the area...surprise, surprise. When we got into the stadium we suffered through the two opening acts, which were surprisingly underwhelming for a Coldplay concert. We sat at the very back of the stadium, but could see the stage head on so they were actually not bad seats. When Coldplay arrived they went full force and pulled out all the stops including fireworks and streams of confetti as well as bouncy balls that were sent into the crowd and some massive blow-up figurines. After the first few songs they settled down with those theatrics, but continued to belt out the songs including my favourite “Yellow”. When we went into the stadium initially we were each given wristbands to wear and at a couple points during the show these were activated and became a set of lights on each person’s wrist. As you can imagine, in a stadium full of people this had quite the effect and was one of our favourite parts of the show. The only real downside was the fact that they played most of the tracks from their new album, which neither of us particularly like, but they threw in lots of their former hits as well which made it a memorable night.

[thanks Steve and Janine]



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Coldplay, Emirates Stadium - review (London Evening Standard)



Revelling in dayglo and melody, Coldplay light up north London in a spectacle of sight and sound that proves the pinnacle of one of London's most remarkable long weekends


Beige no longer, Coldplay’s stadium stint in north London this weekend proved to be the most colourful live spectacle I have ever witnessed.


While it was pure red, white and blue for the Queen down on the Mall, up here umpteen thousand wristbands flashed red, white, blue, green and pink in a bewildering sight that dazzled far beyond expectations. Everybody’s bands started flashing during the whizz-bang opener, Hurts Like Heaven, during which they were outshone by so many fireworks that the stadium was awash with smoke. Then they stayed off for just long enough to be forgotten about, until the sun went down, Charlie Brown and its line about “glowing in the dark” came on, and the space exploded into light in perfect time to the music.


It was a sight that will not be forgotten by those who saw it, an audience that included stadium-filler-in-waiting Adele, for a very long time. An expensive gimmick, perhaps, but it united the masses in a manner that has become Coldplay’s trademark. When the fans weren’t bellowing the “woah-oh-oh”s of Viva La Vida as one, they were howling approval for the band’s return, one by one with the addition of honorary harmonica player Simon Pegg, to a small stage at the back for the first encore.


The song was Us Against the World, but there was no conflict here. “I can see you at the back,” Chris Martin assured us. “The more you give the more we give.” There was no divide between crowd and band, no stars versus plebs – if anything Coldplay seem to look up to their audience. Musically they have brightened up too. Having moved beyond the need to match U2’s gravitas that drags down any young band lucky enough to start filling arenas, they now revel in Martin’s dayglo gift for melody.


Rihanna appeared brandishing dangerous fingernails on the five big screens during the glorious synthpop of Princess of China. Those amazing wristbands sparked up again when they played the supremely catchy Paradise. Even quiet guitarist Jonny Buckland had a dance down the ego ramp during his solo on a pounding God Put a Smile upon Your Face.


The stadium staples were ticked off – confetti blasts during In my Place, giant bouncing balloons everywhere for Lovers in Japan, yet more fireworks for the hyperactive finale, Every Teardrop is a Waterfall. For sight and sound, it was surely the pinnacle of one of London’s most spectacular long weekends.







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Sorry if this is a stupid question, or if it's already been answered, but there are 70-odd pages in this thread! I was just wondering who the guy in the white suit with the day-glo green hat on was? He had an inflatable guitar, was near the back of the floor and people were having their pictures taken with him. I scoured twitter, but couldn't find anything. Does anyone know? I was in the seating, so I couldn't make out who he was... Great show though, loved it! One of the best I've been to, it flew past!! To hear LiJ again was great, totally worth the 32 and a half month wait :D

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Hometime Members ‏@HometimeMembers

Geoff's chat with Will Champion of @Coldplay just before their amazing show last Friday in London #coldplay http://absrad.io/ARcldply



Coldplay: Interview


Will Champion from Coldplay chats exclusively to Geoff Lloyd on Absolute Radio ahead of the band's live gig at the Emirates Stadium in London, which was broadcast live on Absolute Radio.

you can watch the interview here :


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Don't know if this has been posted but here's the video of Will's interview before the show on Absolute Radio:

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O-rvo172qNw&feature=related]Coldplay interview backstage at the Emirates Stadium - Will Champion - YouTube[/ame]

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Didnt know where to put this... :P

If anyone has any of the signed merchadise from the ticket sites or the emirates stadium poster they want to sell, i would be interested if its at a reasonable price.

Thought this was worth a shot :P


-Coldplayer West

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