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Camera Suggestions (specifically for Concerts)

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The problem is, I have no idea what the camera policy is. From the website:


Are cameras allowed into the building?

Still cameras are allowed for all basketball and hockey games. For concerts, the camera policy varies from show to show, however, video cameras and recorders are not allowed for any concerts or games.


I've sent an email, so hopefully I'll know soon whether or not I'll have to buy a point and shoot or just bring along my mom's iPhone.

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Just about any camera will work it's the audio that is tricky at concerts because the volume is so loud. most camera mics will just give you clipped audio. You have to get a mic that will allow you to reduce the level going in so it doesn't clip.

the solution is to post work it on a good video editor program like Vegas Pro, where you can redefine levels and some source of audio mastering.

it won't be as good as if you recorded with better mics, but you won't waste your video.


my poor solution is to only make videos in concerts with my cellphone (Moto G5), surprisingly it has better mic than my Canon Ixus 120 IS :D

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