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2012 Ticket Exchange **Updated List in First Post** (EXCHANGE OR FACE VALUE OFFERS ONLY)

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still looking for 3 seats for Boston. In town to watch the Liverpool game and then found out that Coldplay will be there too. will be a great holiday for the family to see Liverpool and Coldplay.


29th or 30th considered.



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i have 1 spare ticket for the malieveld gig in the netherlands.


can a mod please put that in the list on the first page?


saw there are people looking for 2 tickets and another person offering 1 so that makes two with mine ;)




ticket sell is cancelled, so again 1 E-ticket malieveld for sale.

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PLEASE, I need 2 for 7/29 in Boston!


My wife is OBSESSED with Coldplay and this is our Anniversary gift. I am a fan myself but I did not realize that tickets would be such an issue. If anyone has 2 extras for 7/29 I would GLADLY take them off of your hands. I can meet you at the show or we could arrange something. Please email me if you have 2 tickets.

[email protected]


Thanks!! Lee

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ich habe zwei Sitzplatztickets abzugeben, die ich nicht mehr benötige, da ich nun Front-of-Stage Tickets habe. Die Plätze sind im Block O6, also sehr Bühnennah. So hat man nicht nur auf die Bühne einen guten Blick, sondern auch auf den "Laufsteg", den es bei Coldplay immer gibt.


Laut Ticket sind die Plätze evtl. sichtbehindert, habe damit aber selbst nur gute Erfahrungen gemacht, da ich bisher immer Karten in diesem Block (bzw. bei anderen Orten dem entsprechenden Bühnennahen Block) gekauft hab, obwohl sie evtl. sichtbehindert sind. Hatte jedenfalls noch nie eine Sichtbehinderung und war mit den Plätzen immer sehr zufrieden.


Würde die Karten zum Selbstkostenpreis abgeben, am liebsten beide zusammen, Stückpreis 84,95 Euro, den versicherten Versand würde ich übernehmen.




Bei Interesse meldet euch einfach per PN :)







I have two seat-tickets for RheinEnergieStadion, Cologne, Germany @4-Sep-2012. I don't need them anymore, because I have Front-of-Stage tickets now. They should have a good view (see picture), but the ticket says "possible reduced view". But I always buy tickets in that block and never had a reason to complain, always had a great view :)


I bought the tickets for 84,95 € each.

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I have an extra ticket I'm selling for the Toronto Concert on the 23rd. I got a floor ticket, so now I'm selling one ticket, section 103, row 10, seat 15 I paid CAD $137.5 for it.



Ticket no longer available. Sold it today :)

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I've got 2 seating tickets for sale for the Paris-Stade de France show on September 2nd.

Section B3, row 62, seats 19 and 20.

Face value of 134.6euros for the pair of tickets.

Let me know if you're interested!

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Hi everybody! My sister and I are going to the Paris show the 2nd of September. We have Golden Circle tickets but we won't be at the same Gate. So, I would like to swap my Gate G for a Gate R, or my sister would like to swap her Gate R for a Gate G.

I hope someone could help us. Thank you! :-)

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I have two extra tickets for Monday show at the ACC. Asking for face value price. Section 322, row 18, seats 7-8. PM me if you are interested in buying.


Are these the $50 face value? And are they hard tickets?



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Help: I need to get 4 tickets TOGETHER for Chicago. I have 2 pairs to trade



I want to take my Wife, my 13 and 10 year old to see Coldplay in Chicago. Not sure how things got so messed up. But I have 2 pairs of tickets...2 for Section 333 and 2 for section 313.


Ideally, i would like us to all sit together.


I risk a lot trying to sell one pair or both pair and try to get 4 together as tickets are either extremely high on stub hub/go tickets or behind the stage.


Anyone sitting in these sections with 2 tickets that wish to perhaps trade tickets so that I can get my family in atleast the same section?


Any one have any other ideas or would like to help me get my family and I to sit together without this costing a fortune?


These are hard tickets (tickets in hand)


PM me if any ideas or interested in working out a deal/trade.

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I've got 2 seating tickets for sale for the Stockholm show on August 30th.

Section G, row 4, seat 7 and Section G, row 6, seat 23.


I would like to sell both tickets in one sale.


These are still available guys. Willing to let them go for less than face value. Get at me!

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