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2012 Ticket Exchange **Updated List in First Post** (EXCHANGE OR FACE VALUE OFFERS ONLY)

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14th Sep / Leipzig: 1 Front of stage ticket to offer


Hello fellas,


unfortunately, a friend of mine is unable to join us at the Coldplay concert in Leipzig. So, if anyone is interested in one spare ticket for the 14th Septmber show in Leipzig then contact me :)


Face value of course

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2 x Tickets for sale for Warsaw, Poland = £60?


I'm sorry for posting this here but i have no idea how i can sell my 2 spare tickets for Coldplay on Wednsday in Warsaw, Poland.


My friends have just cancelled on me, so all i want is £60 which is less than face value. I'm from Manchester, UK and am flying to Warsaw tomorrow so may not see your email if you reply so please dont PM me.


My email is: [email protected] and i will be checking this up to 12pm tomorrow... failing that please text me on +447936347284. I will be in Warsaw from 7pm Tuesday.



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is anyone interested in a seating ticket for hannover, 22 september? (Block 013, row 14, price: 71,60 EUR). (It's the ticket of a colleague of mine. Unfortunately, she can’t come to the concert and she doesn’t know how to sell the ticket so she gave it to me. ;))


Please pm me if you’re interested.

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I still have one fos ticket to sell at cost price for the hannover concert tonight. I am heading to the stadium now and will be there at 5. Please text me or ring me on this number if you are interested in the ticket.



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Hey all Sydney Coldplayers,


I have 2 hard copy Gold Reserve tickets to the 2nd Sydney show that I need to sell asap. They're in Bay 37 so it's pretty close to the stage and your view won't get obstructed.


Anyways, feel free to pm me if you're interested!


And could you also spread it around to your friends if that's okay, I need to sell these tickets asap and I'm getting pretty anxious.


Thanks in advance guys!

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