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[12-Sep-2012] OlympiaStadion, Munich, Germany

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I don't think we can expect any change in the setlist for the last dates of the tour, especially a song such as 42! And for this tour they seem to have chosen to give pretty much everyone the same.

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Setlist so far:


1. Mylo Xyloto

2. Hurts Like Heaven

3. In My Place

4. Major Minus

5. Lovers In Japan

6. The Scientist

7. Yellow

8. Violet Hill

9. God Put A Smile Upon Your Face

10. Princess Of China

11. Up In Flames

12. A Hopeful Transmission

13. Don't Let It Break Your Heart

14. Viva La Vida

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GODDAMIT what is wrong with you people?! You're all so spoiled, be happy that there's a fucking live stream at all!1!1 :lol::lol::lol:


*reads post*

* sees avatar*





uuuh okay okay Thalia, we're happy now....




....calm down.....




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are there any people at this stadium or we cant hear them beacuse of the stream?


Once again, i think it has to do with the actual recording mix. They either did not put up enough microphones to record the crowd or mixed the volume down.


The sound from the crowd you hear is probably only recorded by Chris' mic.

And this mic is not meant to record the crowd, but Chris' voice.

You get what I mean? ;-)


I guarantee, in the stadium it all sounds much louder than in this stream.

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