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[2-Sep-2012] Coldplay @ Stade de France, Paris, France

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Same set list as usual, just POC twice, no Warning Sing, Umbrella after Fix You, and Paradise a second time after Umbrella for Stand Up 2 Cancer.


I've got to go to sleep now but I want to say before that this was an amazing gig. By far the best I've been to. Me and my friends chose to be between the X stage and the back of the Golden Circle, and that was definitely a good choice. We wanted to see the guys close but also see all the lights and fireworks. We also felt much more connected to the whole crowd, rather than having a sort of competition spirit at the front rows, about who gets the closest spot. The crowd was so amazing, I couldn't believe it.

I loved all Rihanna parts, POC twice, and Umbrella. Say what you want about Rihanna, but that was definitely something exceptional to witness. That, the whole concert filmed, and the double xylobands, and the 80,000 people there, and Paradise being played twice, it really helped to feel like this was a very special night. It was perfect fun to me, the perfect party. Thank you so much Coldplay.

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This version of Umbrella should work.


Rihanna ‏@RihannaSpanish


Rihanna Performs "Umbrella" at Coldplay's Concert in Paris



I think she killed it!!!!! And her outfit is a complete opposite of Coldplay's theme...but somehow it works perfectly. Awesome performance!!!

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Rihanna Performs 'Princess Of China' And 'Umbrella' With Coldplay In Paris – Video 3rd September 2012, 07:15 The 'We Found Love'


Rihanna Performs 'Princess Of China' And 'Umbrella' With Coldplay In Paris – Video


3rd September 2012, 07:15


The 'We Found Love' singer joined the band during their live show in France last night.

Rihanna and Coldplay performing in paris




Rihanna took to the stage with Coldplay last night (2nd August) for a live performance of their collaborative single 'Princess Of China'.


The 'You Da One' star made a surprise appearance at the event as the band brought their 'Mylo Xyloto' world tour to the Stade De France in Paris.


Dressed in a long red geisha-like robe, the Bajan star shared the stage with the group and could be seen putting her hands upon Chris Martin's face – echoing the intimae scenes from the official music video for the track.


After the performance, Chris could be heard saying: "Thank you RiRi", as she made her way for a costume change and then joined the group to perform her smash hit 'Umbrella'.


The star wore a black and white Aztec patterned figure hugging outfit for the tender and emotional version of her song with Chris on piano.


You can watch Coldplay and Rihanna perform 'Umbrella' below:


The performances are expected to be released on a live DVD of the show after the band confirmed they were filming at the show.


Rihanna is also rumorued to be joining Coldplay for a performance of 'Princess Of China' at the closing ceremony of the London 2012 Paralympics this month.


You can watch Coldplay and Rihanna perform 'Princess Of China' below:


After the show, the 'Talk That Talk' star took to her Twitter account to profess her love for the band.


She simply tweeted: "Coldplay f**** rules!!!!"


The stars also performance the track at the Grammy Awards 2012 back in February.


Meanwhile, Rihanna will be also performing live at the MTV Video Music Awards 2012 this Thursday (6th September) and is the most nominated female star of the night.



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Can someone please tell me if this setlist is correct?


1 Mylo Xyloto

2 Hurts Like Heaven

3 In My Place

4 Major Minus

5 Lovers In Japan

6 The Scientist

7 Yellow

8 Violet Hill

9 God Put A Smile Upon Your Face

10 Princess Of China (with Rihanna)

11 Princess Of China (with Rihanna)

12 Up In Flames

13 Don't Let It Break Your Heart

14 Viva La Vida

15 Charlie Brown

16 Paradise

17 Us Against The World

18 Speed Of Sound

19 Clocks

20 Fix You

21 Umbrella (with Rihanna)

22 Paradise (for SU2C on 7 September 2012)

23 Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall

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