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[2-Sep-2012] Coldplay @ Stade de France, Paris, France

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Is it true they soundchecked 42 and Strawberry Swing!?? Let's hope they're saving it for their upcoming shows! (The Hague!!:))


There have been several tweets saying both were played, including from people on here.


Pic from here:http://paris-ile-de-france.france3.fr/2012/09/03/en-images-coldplay-enflamme-le-stade-de-france-rihanna-cree-une-emeute-65033.html



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Making a music film the Coldplay way

Posted by Rachel Edwards on 03 September 2012


Last night! Wow!


Last night was the filming of the Coldplay film, some of you have already had the amazing opportunity of experience of xylo bands. A beautiful creation by one man, Jason Regler and one that was swept up by Coldplay and taken on an ever evolving, year long adventure throughout their gigs. Last night was a beautiful thing for me to witness. With the support of Oxfam France and their amazing volunteers we spoke to hundreds of Coldplay fans about our GROW campaign. After we had finishing dancing around in banana suits and talking GROW we packed up to watch the gig. This gig had a new sort of buzz to it. People were electric on a higher level than before. Perhaps it was because the sun had been shining throughout the day and was started to produce a pink and sun kissed sunset, perhaps it was because we were in Paris, the city of art and creation or perhaps it was the 80,000 people that were pouring into the stadium.


The show started with a bang. The sun had set and 160,000 wristbands lit up the arena. It was one of those special moments which will stay with you a life time! Then came the really exciting moment, when Princess of China started to play and Rihanna entered centre stage behind the boys who were out on the x stage in the crowd. She walked down to join them and together they sang the melodies of a song that brings international pop music to a new level, the song that has an aura of connectivity. This married with the wristbands provided an illustration of what Coldplay do best… Bring people together, with the 80,000 audience plus the crew, who stood out backstage to watch. It’s the story of this tour for me I guess, being all over the world but connecting and sharing stories with Oxfammers all over the world.


Thank you Coldplay for a night I won’t forget…ever!



























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The show was amazing. And apparently, this gonna end on a dvd... :heart: My pictures are not very good, I was quite far. :)

I was sure Rihanna would be there as I heard she was in Paris. And when POC started, I knew I was right. :heart: With two glowbands, the result was quite impressive. Really magic.



They had to restart Princess of China. Rihanna had to leave the stage and then reappeared. And Chris was like "Yeah ! One more song with RIHANNA ! "


When Rihanna sang Umbrella, that was really cool. Chris sang some of the "ella" parts.


They played Paradise twice too !


Look at what Phil twitted : "paris - loudest sexiest crowd of the whole tour. you're going to look so beautiful in the film. PH "


Yay !

































I will post my videos later.

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Looks like it's from Glasto.

I should have noticed that it wasn't from yesterday, he's wearing a yellow watch instead of a blue one :lol:


That would be around the right time, yes. Still my favorite Chris pic.:)


^Awwww, he's adorable.:D

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Dear Oracle, you're wrong today!


September 3, 2012 - submitted by Mimi, Sweden


Q. Hey!!


Last week at the show in Sweden, Coldplay performed Paradise twice (to my delight) and said that the second performance would air on SU2C, which was so cool!!


But I just read online that they performed twice last night in Paris too, also for SU2C... Why is that? Please don't say that the Sweden show won't air?



The Oracle replies:


I think you are mistaken, Mimi. The band performed Princess of China twice last night - not Paradise. It wasn't for the same reason either.

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Dear Oracle, you're wrong today!


September 3, 2012 - submitted by Mimi, Sweden


Q. Hey!!


Last week at the show in Sweden, Coldplay performed Paradise twice (to my delight) and said that the second performance would air on SU2C, which was so cool!!


But I just read online that they performed twice last night in Paris too, also for SU2C... Why is that? Please don't say that the Sweden show won't air?



The Oracle replies:


I think you are mistaken, Mimi. The band performed Princess of China twice last night - not Paradise. It wasn't for the same reason either.



Yep, they played it TWICE. I may be mistaken, but I think I heard it once and they they restarted it in Paris.

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^Debs is wrong on this one: they played Paradise twice, and it was for Stand up to cancer. They also played PoC twice, for the dvd.


My review is awfully long, sorry.




Incredible night. Well worth all the trouble I've been through to get there. I still can't believe it happened. I am sorry my review will probably be messy and not very well written, but I am exhausted and I don't want to wait to write it, to keep things fresh.


First I'll start by saying that I love Coldplay even more now. I am definitely going to a concert again (even simply to have a different point of view and experience than I had tonight). Sad that I'll have to wait at least 3 years, I guess, but it's okay, because I am absolutely 100 % sure I'll be there. Just give me the date and place :P


I got to the venue at about 7 am. I met Claire for the first time, then I went to my gate ¬ģ. A few people were already waiting¬†: they had slept there or went there very early (4am). I was joined later by Mounira, who I had sold my 2nd ticket to. I also met Ichrak (is that how you spell your name¬†?:embarrassed: ) and other fans. Great people the Coldplay fans :cheesy: It was freezing and raining in the morning, but it got sunny and quite hot in the afternoon :dead: Claire & I met again several times and we wandered around to try to see the stage, and the roadies at work. We totally fangirled together, that was fun!:awesome: In the afternoon, the soundcheck last something like 2 hours. We heard PoC perhaps 8 times, Charlie Brown, 42 and Strawberry Swing, and MX/HLH (fans started singing along, that was great¬†!:wacky: )Ugh, WHEN ARE YOU PERFORMING 42 AND STRAWBERRY SWING AGAIN¬†? WHEN, COLDPLAY¬†?:bomb: Whenever I heard Chris mumbling something I'd go into fangirl mode, I was dazzled:dazzled: There is something about his voice...*sigh*:dazzled:

The Stade de France isn't a well organized venue, and the queues aren't organized with barriers. They made the first rows step back, about 1 hour before opening the gates. A mess. But even before that, everyone stood up at one moment, for no apparent reason but because about 10 of us were standing at the same moment :wtf:


I got the spot I wanted : front row, middle of the ramp, Jonny's side :awesome: (don't have enough energy to celebrate it right now haha). The minutes before the gates opened were the longest of my life. Then everything happened so fast, I managed to run then slow down when security was yelling at me, I focused on the stairs (those damn steps are big and low, so if you're not careful you're sure to fall) then I ran on the pit, following another Coldplayer to the spot I had wanted all this time. I threw myself on the barrier. That was it, I was front row at my first Coldplay show. BAM. Needless to say I couldn't stop saying : I can 't believe it !! and I was shaking :|


Most of the security guards on my side didn't know Coldplay and didn't seem happy to be there, especially during Marina & the Diamonds. But when Coldplay were on stage, it was another story :lol: They were quite intrigued : the guard in front of me filmed the stadium when the xylobands were flashing, and took pictures :lol: Another one climbed on the barrier for a minute when they were on the C-stage, to try to see them. We barely could, btw. They were really too far.


Amazing atmosphere inside the stadium. Several consecutive waves accross the stadium, sometimes literally everyone in the venue would stand up. That was amazing to see. Lots of Viva chants as well. Anyway, great atmosphere. I was next to Mounira, with whom I had waited almost all day, but also a couple of Americans (who came from Texas ‚Äď reminded me of you Joel (DundahMifflin) :awesome: ) and some Italians. One of them reminded me of Kristal by the way! (although she didn't chear for Jonny much). We had fun sometimes during the concert together. Great power of music, spontaneously bringing people together.


Marina & the Diamonds was...interesting. I liked her very much, she was very confident and is a good support slot, imo. However I'm not particularly interested in her right now, and sometimes her postures, that reminded me of Academy Awards' Angelina Jolie's, and that fake hamburger she took with her for a song made her look pretty weird. :lol: Once, she also bent back like Chris does. I've seen him doing that so many times on photos and videos that I wasn't really impressed by her move :dozey::lol:


I saw & screamed HOPPY while the roadies were...roady-ing before the concert, but the only ones who heard me were the people next to me, who looked at me like I was a crazy person...I saw all the roadies I knew the name of!!!Hoppy, Matt (oh, so many times, and he played some guitar and I know from the book that sometimes he can't help feeling a bit like a rockstar, and I was smiling thinking about that), Bash, Miller (taking like 3hours for the panorama haha¬†! Can't wait to see how it looks). Mounira knew one of the roadies, the one who is in charge of the fireworks, and he came to talk to her for a few minutes!It was so cool and he was nice and funny¬†! I really enjoyed watching the roadies working :wacko: Sadly I didn't see that much recognition for the roadies (except for the one who kept walking on the ramp and everywhere on stage, because he had to check if the little box thingies were working well ‚Äď that man ended up getting a good part of the golden pitch clapping, screaming¬†: Woooo!!!and raising their hands when he was walking past us, haha :laugh3: )

I saw Phil from quite far. He is so handsome ohmygod :dazzled: Claire got his autograph!!!! Someone managed to hand him the fanbook from ColdplayCorner, idk if some of you have heard of it, but to be short : IF ANY OF THEM DARE TO OPEN IT, THEY MAY READ WHAT I WROTE , WHICH INCLUDES A SENTENCE ABOUT CHRIS' FLOWERY SHIRT, REFERENCES TO THE JONNY GOES JAZZ VIDEO, THE QUESTION : ARE C&J SECRETLY MARRIED ? AND SHOWS OBSESSION OVER CAR KIDS. It also includes a letter about me taking opportunities thanks to their music, and it would mean a lot if at least one of them would read it.


Now, I'm gonna get all fangirl and I am sorry for that. You can skip this part/ call me shallow if you want for thinking those things are that important.

I HELD EYE CONTACT WITH CHRIS TWICE DURING THE CONCERT !!!!!!!!!!:dazzled::dazzled::dazzled:

Some parts of the concert are already quite blurry in my mind, but I'm pretty sure the first one was during his moves during IMP. He looked at me with a look...omg that was so hot. So hot. So so so hot. I was so dazzled.




THAT'S RIGHT THAT'S RIGHT THAT'S HIM AND HIS EYES ARE LOOKING AT MY CAMERA:dazzled: That was the beginning of the moment during which he looked at me.


The second time was during ETIAW (I believe :uhoh: ). He was going down the ramp. He held eye contact with 1 or 2 fans for a few seconds, and then it was my turn :awesome: I was singing with all my voice (well, what was left of it, haha!) and my eyes were wide open and I'm pretty sure I looked damn happy. Then he looked me in the eyes for several seconds, with his eyes wide open as well.

Those 2 moments felt like the best moments of my life. It's like my brain took a picture of them (except for that pic I just showed you, I didn't take photos during those moments). During GPASUYF, when he went on the ramp he saw the fan next to me with a sign that read ¬ę¬†Coldplay put a smile upon our face¬†¬Ľ and he smiled, but...how do I say that...you could see he truly appreciated it.


OTHER FANGIRL MOMENT : HE CHANGED SHIRTS TWICE. Boy was I happy. Dazzled fangirl was dazzled. Yummy yummy yummy. Oh, and we saw his back and his chest and his abs :dazzled: . Sadly it happened quite fast both times and it was already over when I was ready to take a picture.:disappointed: Sorry girls :shame: I saw curls:dazzled: Damn, he looks as yummy in real life as in pictures. He is so handsome.

Also, I couldn't help but notice his perfectly shaped booty. Like omg. :|

Chris pronounced several sentences in French, at the beginning of the concert. !! :dazzled: His French is still very good !!


BUCKIN MOMENTS¬†: Quite a lot of them as usual, you'll see them in the videos on the Internet, as I didn't take any video. At the end of IMP, when Chris showed us how flexible he is, as he was lying on the ground next to Jonny, who was still rocking the guitar, standing up, the song was coming to an end and the last ¬ę¬†oh yeah¬†¬Ľ was about to happen, Chris grabbed Jonny's ankle ( :dazzled::awesome: ) to make him understand he wanted him to sing, and then Jonny & Chris reached out, and sang the ¬ę¬†oh yeah¬†¬Ľ together.:dazzled: My pics aren't great, but I do have a photo that Tracie or Kristal, to name a few, will, I believe, quite appreciate:sneaky: You'll see it with the pics I'll post next. Oh, and Chris spoke to Jonny in his ear once or twice I think, AND, during the GPASUYF ¬ę¬†mating dance¬†¬Ľ, at one moment, from my point of view, it definitely looked like they were so close they were about to kiss.:awesome::lol:


Now, about the concert itself : I'll start with the downsides, as there were a few. First, and the most important one : we got 2 PoCs but no Warning Sign. They soundchecked PoC so many times, now I don't want to hear it anymore for a while. 10 times in a day is enough for me. Also, I would have loved to get a song in the style of Warning Sign, and we didn't get any that night. Second, CHRIS FOR GOD SAKE STOP FAKING A MISTAKE (he did that at the beginning of...ugh was it SoS or UATW ? Anyway, there was no reason to, and I don't understand because to me it felt like the audience was already really into it...). Then, about that PoC peformance again : those two acted like in the video and got incredibly close, I was maaad :angry: The first time it was Rihanna's initiative, but the second time was Chris'!:whip::angry: He put his hand on her arm and their faces touched and ugh :angry: I thought : Oh no you didn't !:angry:

Aaaand I think that's it for the downsides haha:lol:


I had an amazing time. Chris' voice was perfect, GPASUYF, as I expected, was CRAZY, really, all the songs were...damn, I can't find my words. It was so incredible. I think the crowd was very loud, but I need confirmation for that, as I was on the floor, so I may not have an accurate idea. But honestly, it felt like we were really loud. We totally nailed The Scientist, I think it was the best crowd chant of the night, with the Viva chant perhaps or In my place. The band looked happy, and the few times Chris talked to us was to say how amazing we were being (I know, he says that every time...but still). However I didn't feel like Will, Guy and Jonny got enough recognition from the crowd, at least near I was, that's too bad. Will hit the drums real hard and his voice was great. I screamed WOOO GO JONNY at pretty much all of his solos (but he didn't hear it), and he was very confident on stage, he moved a lot, that was awesome ! Guy smiled a lot, he seemed to enjoy the concert, and on the x-stage I noticed he was discretely moving his hips to the music :charming::dazzled: My eyes got locked on that for about 20 seconds :|

I had listened to the livestream on August 28th, and had followed closely the setlists on this tour, yet I was surprised ! Indeed, for the first half of the concert, I wasn't sure of the order of the songs, so I got indeed surprised. Plus, for the surprises, we had the very lovely and honestly great duet between Chris and Rihanna, on the song Umbrella. Everyone sang with them. I think she had a great voice ! Much better than what I had heard at the Grammys ! I didn't hear her very well on PoC though (the crowd's screams were too loud :lol: ). The other surprise was that Paradise got played twice, the second time was for Stand up to cancer. Weird, because they already had recorded a few days ago in Stockholm. Maybe they want to pick moments from both shows ?

A funny thing happened during UATW, you'll see in the videos, as Will got a smashed balloon on his face hahaha :lol:

During ETIAW, fans threw a Coldplay-customised French flag on stage, and Chris picked it up and raised it at the appropriate moment :awesome: It was so awesome to see :awesome:


The xylobands in action, the lasers during Clocks and the confetti were for me, with the Chris moments (OMG HE LOOKED ME IN THE EYES, CAN YOU BELIEVE IT ?:dazzled: ), the most memorable moments. I have those images in my head, I remember thinking : HOLY SHIT I can't believe this. I had never seen anything like it, it was really wonderful. When I noticed the lasers on Clocks, it reminded me of MTV Storytellers : Will said that the first time he saw them, he nearly fell off his stool. Tonight I thought : wow I totally understand !!!

I know that a concert is supposed to be about the music. Tonight, it still was, as the songs were all amazingly performed. But this was my first Coldplay concert, and it was in the Stade de France, with about 75000 people. I really enjoyed it, but I guess a first is quite different from the others. What I mean by that is that your brain is trying to figure out the hell that's happening, it is realizing that all of this is real and that you are indeed seeing your idols performing live. There were just too many things for me to handle, and the process got me striken by the effects more than by the music (that was still really amazing). I did not cry, but the moments I was the most close to were when I was thinking : OMG I cannot believe I am not seeing this through a screen, that I am living all this. It blew my mind. As a result, brief moments of pure enjoyment of music (right now I have a moment of LiJ stuck in my head, 2 minutes ago it was MX) and some loud crowd moments share my memory with some incredible visual effects. You know what I mean ?

To conclude, I'd like to talk more about Chris' interaction with the crowd, and that fangirl moment I had. I know he always says the same thing, always acts the same, always behaves the same. I wish he had talked a bit more, but I wasn't expecting that, as I knew how special that concert was for the tour (longer and with Rihanna). The truth is, he didn't really need to talk more to the crowd to create a connection. The second star of the show wasn't Rihanna, it was us. I'm pretty sure many people there felt it. When during ETIAW he sang with his eyes locked on me for a few seconds, I knew that I wasn't the first and last one who got that eye contact, and that it didn't mean anything (I didn't manage to kidnap him so we can run away together btw :disappointed: ).Yet, he made me feel special. For a few seconds the world didn't exist, it was just me & him singing. He noticed how happy I was and multiplied it by 1000 and seeing the expression on my face, on any fan's face, must be priceless. I bet that's why he does it all the time. He does what he can to make the fans happy and make them feel special, even if it's just an acknowledgement. I don't care not being actually special, at least he acted like I was, and that's more than enough. :heart:



/sorry for the way too long review that still misses some stuff


edit: oh the mistakes...sorry about that :shame:

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