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[8-Aug-2012] Coldplay @ United Center, Chicago, IL, USA

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OMFG. I love Warning Sign, but I hope the boys enjoyed it enough to keep it for the rest of the tour. I know it's very unlikely though... Please, don't let it fade away like Trouble did...!

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I have my Amsterdam up. Didn't catch the very beginning, and stoopid phone kept trying to focus but sound is good. Chris had a few whispers with Will when they got to the X stage and he pulled a piece of paper out and put in on his piano (lyrics would be my guess). I asked Dan Green after the show if he came down and spent the day practicing it and he said " you do know Chris don't you" :laugh3:



What is this? I wake up and and find out they performed Amsterdam. Angie I thought he told me they wouldn't play Amsterdam. I can't believe it. I'm just going to have to start going to every show like you. I'm glad you were there to experience it. :) Thanks for capturing this special moment. Man...I would have lost my mind if I had been there.

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Thank you for the videos!!! So beautiful song: I would love to hear that song at the end of the month or in Paris!!!!



Quiz Q: When was the last time Coldplay played Amsterdam in FULL in concert before 8/8/12?


I would say 2005 or 2006.

According to setlist.fm: it would be in Germany in November 2005.

Copenhaguen is just before ;)



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Our dreams are coming true. Amsterdam. I can't believe it!

You guys are so lucky!


I must resist not watching the videos. Four more weeks... I so hope they play it in The Hague. :bomb:


As I'm listening I keep thinking, now they have to play it in the Hague. That would be awesome for you guys.

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Wow, I'm so glad I bought the Wednesday ticket! My seats were great, OMG AMSTERDAM, and easily the best show I may ever see. The people nearby seemed to not be as into it but I still had a great time even though I went alone. next time I'm totally taking my son!

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