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I asked her:

@debswild When will the boys see it? Or did they already see it?


This is what she answered:

@jacolien87 I have no idea & I have no idea. It's the holidays so everyone is with family...


So maybe they've seen it, maybe not. But I guess Debs didn't tell them.

We'll have to be patient and wait it out...

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But I thing the boys still haven't.

I was hoping for a reaction yesterday, cause they would be all together again.

Maybe we should twitter someting like: Have Chris, Jonny, Guy and Will seen the CP #MerryXmasColdplay video? (link) Did they like it?

Or maybe they did see it and just didn't react to it online?

What should we do?

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^I think one sent the Oracle (so basically Debs) an email about the video, and an other Coldplayer asked if the boys had seen the video.

We should probably wait a few days more :\

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I think we have done enough and probably crossed some boundaries, unfortunately (though we did have a good intention). We know Debs knows about the video and said herself that she would let them know. We should trust her, honestly.


I know we're all anxious to see whether the band and crew will like it, but we were warned before about tweeting it too much.


Also, as I said before, the Oracle is specifically designed to answer questions. It's not nice of us to wrap up the video link in a question and bombard the Oracle.


I think we should just wait patiently before the whole thing backfires (someone may get very angry if we keep saying something part of their crew already know about and no one from the band sees the video).


Sorry for being harsh =/ but I really think we should calm down.

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Okay I haven't read this thread for a few days but... doesn't it seem a bit pretentious to expect a "thank you" from them, for us thanking them? :thinking:


Just leave it be. It is diminishing the value and original intentions of the video message.

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