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Coldplay-Chris Martin or Jonny's jacket

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Hi Guys, I am a newbie here and I am an avid fan of Coldplay from the Manila, Philippines. I believe all of you will agree with me. Their music is EARGASMIC!!!


Anyway, I am totally obsessed with Coldplay and is wondering where I could buy Coldplay jacket-Chris or Jonny's jacket. I find it very cool! plus if there are posters too I would like to get one. Hoping you could provide me information and hoping these stores would ship here in the Philippines. Looking forward hearing from you guys! See you in Paradise! :D

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^Wow seven posts!! I've seen lots of double posts here, but never one like that :lol:


Congrats...I guess :lol:

And Welcome :D


Haha, I didn't notice that though! My internet is messing up again sorry bout that haha...Hoping one day I could be able to see Coldplay live! *sigh

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