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ColdplayFilm - MX Live DVD

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What's the resolution of the DVD? Is it HD DVD? :)


I'm pretty sure the native resolution is 480p since it's advertised as a "DVD". What will happen is that many DVD players will upscale it to anywhere from 720p to 1080p, but there's usually a significant difference between the quality of upscaled 1080p versus native 1080p.

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Yeah I know but I'd have liked them on CD.

Mostly because they sounded different to the studio versions.

Could have lived without Clocks really.


Yes, it would be nice to have them on the CD. I guess the publisher felt like they had to do something to entice buyers to spring for the Blu-ray version.


As for Clocks, yeah... I'd say that musically, this is the weakest of all the live versions I've heard. The Live 2003 version runs laps around it. I don't like the oddly distorted instrumental break in the middle, versus the pared-down reprise of the haunting piano intro of the 2003 Live and studio versions. It also sounds like they prematurely bail out on the wind-down of Clocks. It loses so much of its character in that it doesn't reach its deserved conclusion, IMO.

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So pissed, mine hasn't showed up yet.


I haven't received mine! I ordered through Coldplay's link! I so wanted to watch it asap.


I don't have mine yet, either :(((

USA people....did you get an email when the package was shipped? With a tracking link? Or did it just show up?

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People in amazon are complaining about the blu ray quality, for example:


"However, the bluray quality SUCKS. The video looks grainy. This is isn't bits and pieces, but the entire video on the bluray looks bad. Here I was thinking it was going to look absolutely fantastic in HD, but instead it's a huge let down. That and sometimes it sounds like they muted, or lowered the sound of the audience. That's so disappointing. The audience is part of the experience, no idea why they think it was beneficial to lower the sound of the audience."


Please tell me it's not like this :sad:


Sadly, it's true. Most notably the volume of the audience got somehow over-manipulated.

Of course, during a production you would level different sounds, but in case of Live 2012 the audience sounds strange.


I'm not happy with the BluRay and the CD. This year's concert in Cologne was the best Coldplay concert I have ever been to. The setlist was almost perfect. The stage design and effects were absolutely awesome. Very sadly the film does not reflect this experience. No tension, simply boring.


They should have released a whole concert accompanied with a documentary.

In addition, they shouldn't have left out "Warning Sign" and "Speed Of Sound". It's such a shame.

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Coldplay Live2012...Omg!! It was sooooo AMAZING! First of all, I loved it that it started wit no fuss and straight into Hurts Like Heaven .....I loved the Violet Hill singalong with the entire Stade De France ....Its such a BIG stadium! Loved Chris' voice overs...He has such a accent! The best thing about Coldplay is that it appeals to men and women equally.....I loved how they showed couples kissing and holding hands...it made it sooo intimate! Chris himself is SOOOO CUTE and animated. I felt sooo sad hearing about Will's story when he was stuck in Las Vegas while his child was in hospital. Else than that though there were no other personal stories as expected...I as usual didn't like Rihanna get all touchy-feely with Chris during POC! But I guess we have to expect it now! However the cinematography was Amazing with a capital All in all it was such an amazing experience....I started singing along with the DVD even though I was watching on my computer with my headphones and my mom later said that it looked a bit weird! However, who cares! ITS COLDPLAY!!!! LOVE THEM FOREVER!!:lol::bow::love::love::bliss::loveshower:

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Hi everybody!!! I watchd in the cinema last week and it was really amazing!!!

But I have a question: do you know when are they going to anounce the winner of the contest for winning a signed copy ofthe DVD?

Thanks!! And those of you who have the DVD already...enjoy it!! It's amazing :)

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The DVD/CD was waiting for me at home last night! So my usual Monday night dilemma of "what to watch?" (Dancing with the Stars vs The Voice) was immediately solved.


It's AMAZING. Captured the vast excitement of the shows and brought back so many wonderful memories of 5 superlative Coldplay concerts that I got to enjoy during the summer. I will eternally be grateful to the boys for giving me such a fabulous experience. And now I get to relive it.


I brought the CD to listen to at work today and I am glad my cubicle walls are high. I've pumped my arm to the chorus of "VLV", quietly danced around to "Charlie Brown," and I'm now waving an imaginary Xyloband to "Paradise."


Well done, boys. Well done.

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still no package for me yet, and i won't be here again until Monday because of Thanksgiving break :(


what is the point of preordering if you don't get the product until several days after it's released??? :P



That's why I cancelled my Amazon pre order. They said 11/28-12/3 for delivery and I thought that was too late!

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I hope mine arrives tomorrow. I pre-ordered via EMI too. I'm sure I'll be fine and I'll come tomorrow. If not what can I do.


did you get an email about the lithograph packaging causing problems? in the email it sounded like they were going to ship the parts separately, but maybe that's not the case after all...

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i ordered it through the EMI site so that i could get the lithograph, too. but i don't even have an estimated delivery date. :\
Same here!


I found the EMI website again this afternoon (the link on Coldplay.com now leads me to fnac.com, not the "Coldplay music store" anymore...) and the status is still the same as it's been for like a week:

"Delivery 1 of 1




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Bought my copy of Live 2012 and Moving to Mars today from a digital download store of my choice that isn't iTunes.






Wait, my mistake. Coldplay aren't interested in giving their fans choices. Currently, the digital version of Live 2012 is inexplicably only available from iTunes. The less said about Moving to Mars, the better. Looks like I'll have to buy something completely different instead then. In this case, I've opted for Keane's Live Recordings: European Tour 2008 and the B-side to their Sovereign Light Café single. Unfortunately, Live Recordings 2008 has vanished from several download stores, Juno Download being one of the few who still has it. Still, at least a variety of stores had it at some point or still have it, which is a step up from whatever bullshit limited release Coldplay are trying to peddle to their fans this week.


I was also going to buy another song other than the Hurts Like Heaven single, but I see they're going down the Charlie Brown route again, where they don't actually release a single and then pretend they have. :rolleyes:

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