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ColdplayFilm - MX Live DVD

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i just finished watching this (i know! im very ashamed of myself for not watching it sooner), and it is EPIC. they're obviously performing the best shows of their careers. my favorite parts (like many others' on here i assume) were the little 5 minutes they each talked about the band with all the glorious footage

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^I have to study :disappointed:


Well technically I have to study as well but you know John Abbott college ends classes Wednesday and my exams are only the 18th and 19th so let's say I've got some free time...:sneaky: mwaha

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FINALLY got both of mine today :D


Litho number 1071 :)


They must have started at the highest numbers for the earlest orders and worked downwards for the later ones. Doesn't seem fair really. I ordered immediately after they went on sale and got way above 5000.

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Does anyone have the poster which was sold at concerts, same theme as the litho? What are the main differences between the two?


i do *raises hand*

the differences... the paper that it's on, the number down at the bottom :P

despite it looking almost the same and being taken from practically the same angle, it is in fact not the same picture :P


here are my two, for comparison:



tour poster


lithograph (House season four not included)




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Coldplay Live 2012 lithograph




Lithographic print featuring graphics from the official 'Coldplay 2012 Live' movie poster. Printed on 260gsm fine art lithographic paper. Finished size 685mm by 457mm. Limited to 500 copies.





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