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ColdplayFilm - MX Live DVD

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What message?


They're releasing the date for the MX DVD this week aren't they?

Well you seemed so enthusiastic that I thought you were waiting for the DVD and not the announcement date :uhoh:

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Haha no sorry I meant the release date haha

I'm just an enthusiastic person when it comes to Coldplay :) :awesome:

Yeah I see! :lol:


Oh well, they're LATE! :angry: I would like to know when the DVD comes out :shame:

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This was retweeted by Coldplay México a few minutes ago. They say they are looking into it with EMI México.

Probably just another rumor, but it does seem plausible :thinking:


Here's the translation of the article:


There will be a new release by Coldplay this autumn.

It will be a DVD that will come with a live CD from their last tour.


On november 16th, Coldplay will release a live DVD and CD with the title Live 2012.

This is the first concert after nine years that the british band has filmed and, of course, it shows the tour of their latest album Mylo Xyloto (2011)

Live 2012 was filmed in Paris, Montreal and Glastonbury and it was directed by Paul Dugdale, who worked on Worlds On Fire of The Prodigy.

"We wanted to do a film that was very intimate yet epic. It's a kaleidoscope of emotions in 90 minutes", says Paul Dugdale.


Possibly, Live 2012 will be the last release (unless their record company wants to publish a greatest-hits album) from Coldplay in a long time, because the group will take a break and has no intention of recording a new album soon.


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It seems quite plausible. I wonder which songs will make it onto the CD, and which will stay on the DVD? I'd love to hear a professionally recorded version of DLIBYH.


The last line irritates me. Mylo Xyloto still isn't even one yet.

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