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ColdplayFilm - MX Live DVD

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Picked up my tickets for Dos Lagos, Corona earlier, the guy had no idea it was playing and had to search the computer for it. Makes me think we probably won't have a full crowd. But hoping for at least a few other great fans to show up and sing along!

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Oh My God... The leak is fucking amazing, quality and everything is amazing! I was really afraid it was going to be identical to the iTunes festival live EP they released last year but they don`t even compare!


Can`t wait to receive mine with my litograph and delete this leak definitely from my PC! :D

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I gotta admit I wasnt expecting anything from this film but WOW!!! Amazing!!!!! Easily 10/10!

I didnt quite know what Chris was saying about the chocolate buttons at the end because i was too busy humming up with the birds lol, I hope they leave it on the DVD and its not just for the cinema version.


My cinema showing was about quarter filled, and during the first half of the film people were texting and on their mobile phones, but during the second half it was dead quiet, everyone was glued to the film.


The only downside was not including their best song, The Scientist. I hope its on the DVD version or better still on the CD.

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This was amazing! Can't wait for the DVD!


how come this one takes so long?! Our end-time was 22:45....



I THOUGHT IT WAS AMAZING. Cried almost every song with the biggest smile on my face thinking "I have been there, I know what this is, I know how this feels". I thought "I can die in peace now" hahah


looooooooved it.

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Ok then, I think I might get a bit emotional here so feel free to skip my message.


I've never been to a concert and I don't think I ever will (can't afford it). So this was my only chance to get "closer" to the band. To my surprise, the room was full of people and we were singing, clapping, and basically being happy. We didn't know each other, we probably will never meet again but in that moment, in that place, we were all united.


It's not only music, Coldplay is not just a band. I felt a bond around us. As for the show... what can I say. I love every single song, word, gesture... everything. Because it's about them - the person behind the artist. I admit I cried right before, during and after Up In Flames, because I felt their solitude in the hotel rooms.


I don't think they will ever see this but I want to thank everyone for putting this beautiful film in cinemas, you made me feel as if I was in one of your concerts. Thank you for your inspiration.


I live in the darkness but, tonight, I've been glowing in the dark

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Just came back from the cinema, man it was AMAZING. And it was pretty cool that the cinema staff turned up the volume REALLY high so that my ears started to tingle as if I actually was at a concert :wacko:


I went to the cinema together with Fraetes, Phil (not the Coldplay Phil :D), mc_squared, Volker41, Danceteacher, katja, Yellow_Girl, Dark_Sofie, Jacky and her best friend. We really had trouble to not stand up during the movie, jump around, scream and sing along :lol: It was so cool to have so many Coldplayers around me! Oh, and it was rather funny so see what other kind of people sat around us: Some wore suits :wtf: and some wore xylobands :awesome: And it seemed that everyone picked a yellow one LOL, figures!


So I don't want to say anything about the movie since some people couldn't go to the cinema today and have to wait for their DVD so I don't wanna spoil them. I will only say that the movie was amazingly done, there was live footage and little intermissions that were rather... emotional (and oftentimes in b/w) that got me all teary eyed :bigcry: The movie really shows some interesting stuff that happens behind/after the stage, and makes you realise that the members of Coldplay are just as human as you are, even if they seem like rock gods on stage. They all feel the same about the show as we do, and they all have their problems to deal with, like the stress of being apart from your family (there's a rather touching story of Will in the movie) etc.


16,70€ was rather expensive for 110 minutes, but oh well :rolleyes: And there was something VERY funny after the credits has been played hahah! :lol:


Anyways, it was totally worth it, after the movie was played our whole seated line of Coldplayers threw up their hands in the air and applauded, totally influenced all the people around us and made the whole theater cheer and clapping their hands, which was pretty epic!


NOW I WANT THAT DVD, I need to analyse every pixel of this movie! :wideeyed:

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I am so glad I could attend to this world premiere. Concert was amazing, like viva la vida upgraded tour :)))


I missed the scientist :( but us against the world is something special, this is so sweet to hear their opinion about touring and fans.


chris martin is super adorable and i worship them even more!


i didnt go to mylo xyloto tour, but the next one is definitely mine :)

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I've screamed all time, ETIAW was amazing, all people singing and clapping! During Fix You I was in heaven. During GPASUYF I was singing so laud that all cinema was looking at me!!!


I'm happy to see that I'm not the only one who dislike Rihanna, infact no one was singing PoC and after the show I've eard many people saying: "she was dressed like a bitch".





- Tapatalk 2 -

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i just came home...

ugh, what can i say? it was amazing! i felt like i was in a concert, and i really wanted to applaud end of the every song :lol:

my friend told me that, i was almost going through the screen :lol:

i can't wait to watch it again.and again. and again and again!

i expected 10-20 people to see in cinema, but when i went to the sinema, there was a huge crowd who were waiting for the doors to open! i was literally shocked!!!

also, i spot some coldplayers from coldplaying :wacko: :wacko:

after the cinema, i met with friends but i was not able to speak :lol:

they all laughed to me :wacko:

i don't care!

i smiled everytime jonny smiled on that huge screen :dazzled:

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That was really really good. The filming was fantastic, as was the recording. Loved the effects too, especially the slow-mos of Chris jumping during IMP. Only criticism is that the film didn't build up the momentum of the actual concert because it kept stopping for interviews (which got a bit silly by the end). Don't get me wrong, they certainly added something, but there were too many of them and some were a bit long. Thought the length was perfect, and on reflection, it was probably wise to leave out a few songs with the interviews included.

One more thing... stay till after the credits have finished!!!!

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^^ Hey Molly, I think you should spoiler it up for the people who have yet to see it! :nice:



Holyshit :dead::freak:


Forever dazzled :dazzled:





Oh, by the by, I spotted some SHIRTLESS (at the end, of course, ugh I hated that seat that blocked the view in the car :angry:, but also ) while Will was talking. I believe it's Chris, but for once I am not sure. He was lying on the couch.

Yes I am starting by the fangirling because holy crap on a cracker, COLDPLAY ARE HOT. ALL OF THEM :dazzled::dazzled:

Will :dazzled::dazzled::dazzled: Jonny :dazzled::dazzled: Guy (OMG his hotness should be illegal, okay ? That was too much tonight, too much :drunk: ) and Chris ohmyyyyyy :dazzled: And I believe that THE END OF CLOCKS OHMYGOD HAVE YOU SEEN THE END OF CLOCKS, FANGIRLS ?! Holyshit :dead: And actually during the whole film I thought: "Daaamn, that is GREAT gif material" :charming: :lol:

And we can see Chris flowery shirt several times :awesome: Each time I went: oooohmygooood :awesome: So he *does* wear it often, oh this is material for the flowery shirt thread :lol:

Also, this Live is a Buckin fest :drunk: The GPASUYF mating dance moment is eargasmic and orgasmic :drunk::lol:






yes he was Chris who was lying on the couch :nod: :nod: and WHY HE WAS SITTIN ON THE BACK COUCH AT THE CAR !!!!

also, i giggled all the time when saw flowery t-shirt :lol: :lol: :lol:




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One of the best nights I've had in ages......well.....since the Stade De France on 2nd September ;) :D :P hahahaha!


An amazing spectacle which Coldplay and their team have put together for us adoring Coldplay fans, something that we should all appreciate.


In regards to the film itself, I thought it was edited superbly. The slow motions of Chris jumping in In My Place were brilliant, the cut from Madrid to Paris in Major Minus, the graffiti before Paradise, the camera Chris held whilst running to the C Stage, the cuts towards the end of ETIAW! Everything was great; these are just a few effects I remember.


I was mystified as to why they put Up In Flames in black & white, and Us Against The World too! Also, why did they put UATW in a square box and make that black & white too? I probably would rather have seen both of these in their natural beauty as I did with the rest of them, but never mind. I was disappointed that they left songs such as Lovers In Japan, Speed Of Sound, Warning Sign The Scientist and Don't Let It Break Your Heart out, although I was aware of this before I went to see the film, and I'm also aware that the latter two are to be on the DVD as an extra. Showing the Glastonbury performance of Viva La Vida left me somewhat perplexed, because I thought it would have been great to see one of their most successful songs performed inside the Stade De France like most of the other songs.


I found it hilariously funny when Chris hopped onto the golf buggie and decided to take matters into his own hands and drive the thing himself :laugh3:! What a legend! Sticking his tongue out whilst he turns the corner! He looked like he was enjoying himself there! Haha.


The bit at the end when they are in the car and Will says: "Thank you for watching the film" in a pretty humorous way.


Oh, and for those of you who left before the END of the credits, you missed out on something very special. Chris said something along the lines of: "Here I am sat eating Cadbury's chocolate buttons, and I'll be looking back at this in the year of 2032 and wondering if we could inject these through our nose to digest them." Hahaha :laugh3: What the hell? Absolutely priceless! Brilliant!


In terms of the atmosphere inside the cinema, it was pretty quiet actually. But for Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall everyone started clapping and singing. I sung throughout the whole thing, but I did have to hold myself back a bit and not sing as loud as I could and wanted to because I didn't want to spoil it for others. I suppose this took the gloss off it very slightly. I did, however, do the 'woooooahhhhhhh' anthem for Viva La Vida very loud when Will did it at the end! Hahahaha. But nontheless, I still managed to sing at a respectable volume, but didn't manage to get out of my seat and jump around everywhere as I had wished, but I can save that for home when the DVD comes out on Monday!


The interviews were very heartfelt. I could totally sympathise with Will when he was commenting on how hard it is sometimes being away from home at the other end of the world away from your families. Especially when his daughter was in hospital ill and he as way over in Los Angeles! I felt a great deal of sympathy for him. The interviews do give us a great insight, including how Chris tells us he can look fans in the eye, how Guy enjoys playing Charlie Brown most, and how Jonny knows there's still a long way for the band to go, although I suppose all four members were trying to get this across really.


I thought they did well to credit those people behind the scenes such as Phil Harvey and all of the crew. They showcased what hard work they put in and gave them the recognition they deserved!


I'm sure I've forgot many things, despite my pretty lengthy review, but I was absolutely blown away by it all! I just can't wait to get my hands on the DVD now :P :D!


I hope fellow Coldplayers enjoyed it as much as I did. We should be proud of the boys, because I certainly am :D!

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Coldplay Live 2012 captures perfectly the experience and emotion of going to see their concerts. Whether your with 80,000 people in the Emirates, or with 80 people in the cinema, their MyloTour is jaw dropping. When your all there in that one place for the same reason united by a love of all their songs, everything the band stand for etc, its just BRILLIANT! From the enchanting (almost magical) buildup of MX and Hurts like heaven through to some old classics, Mylo Xyloto never sounded better. Almost had an eargasm from the cinemas sound system on songs like GPASUYF and Paradise. Loved the shots of the crowd wearing their Xylobands, the emotion on peoples faces incredible. The interviews were brilliant, hearing Chris talk about the band and how he feels during a gig was heartwarming, seeing the confusion caused when Coldplay dissapear from the main stage and run aroundf the entire stadium to appear right at the back amongst the crowd was just as remembered. Fucking amazing. It was a little subdued however, I got the feeling everyone in the cinema wanted to get up, and sing and dance, i could see people waving their arms, and tapping their hands and feet, the seating made it a little awkward, created conflict between what would normally be a quiet sat down respectfull experience with everyone wanting to stand up and dance I guess.... anyway....



Just fucking amazing

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