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Princess Of China On Radio Disney

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Oh God no :sick:

Actually I didn't know there's a Radio Disney :lol:



It really is :nod:





...Now you know what that sticky stuff is :wink3:


UGH, sorry! :embarrassed: I haven't even watched The Nappies video in weeks! :bomb:


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I am now even more embarrassed to be a coldplayer...people make fun of coldplayers, and now this


Why do you even care what people say? It's your own taste in music. Nothing to be ashamed about.


For the record, I almost guarantee you Viva La Vida and Paradise were played on that station in some point and time, as well.

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at least children will now what great music is :D do children listen this radio station,don't they? i have never heard radio disney before :\


No now theyll know a terrible song by a wonderful band

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