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[9-Sep-2012] Coldplay @ Paralympics Closing Ceremony, London, UK (please post your reviews for Wiki,

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Paralympic Closing Ceremony 2012: Coldplay and Rihanna, review




Paralympic Closing Ceremony 2012: Coldplay and Rihanna, review


As Neil Sedaka immortalised in song, breaking up is hard to do. Modern rituals of farewell - the awkward works leaving do, the bitter divorce, the mute despair of the civic funeral - seem designed to subdue rather than elevate our deeper emotions. Without religion and ritual we flail around trying to find shared punctuation for our lives.


The Paralympics closing ceremony marks the teary end to Britain’s summer of sporting love, when not only did we fall in love with the games and their heroes, but each other. Danny Boyle said London 2012 should be about the best of us, and the last six weeks Britain has been able to swoon over our finest attributes: kindness, a sense of fun, ambition, determination and a love of a good party.


And we got to share it, whether in the flesh at the carnivalesque, music filled Olympic park, or vicariously, in our parks and town centres, or on the TV. Saying farewell to this seemingly rare outbreak of communal, unbridled joy was certainly never going to be easy. The dog’s dinner of the Olympic closing ceremony proved that but director Kim Gavin returned for a second go at the pulling off the admittedly hard trick of combining all the pomp and speeches with something that combines the excitement of a rock concert with the emotion of a wake.


The first lesson learnt was obvious from the beginning: the bulk of the athletes were sat in the stadium before the ceremony began, cutting out the awkward timing of an overlong parade. Secondly, the thoughtful theatricality of the Paralympics opening ceremony with Stephen Hawking was mirrored in a more thematic, pagan-style show, based around the festival of the flame and the passing of the seasons. Introduced by a sermon from Lance Corporal Rory Mackenzie from the Help for Heroes charity, it was illustrated in a fire-filled opener filled with cannibalised machines that looked like a cross between War Horse and Scrapheap Challenge, echoing some of the fantastic legs and wheelchairs on show during the games, before rather alarmingly setting fire to the lovely stadium turf.


Finally, Gavin chose a much simpler cast of one band, Coldplay, rather than an ego-fuelled circus of ageing stars. Coldplay are one of those marmite bands who may not be everyone’s idea of the best of British but they know how to play to a stadium and fill it with emotionally, uplifting anthems. Avoiding the potentially patronising Fix You, they instead went for a thoughful if overlong and too slow set of hits and less-well known songs from across their career. Rihanna demurely flew in on a swing to liven things up with her hit We Found Love and later Jay Z joined them on Run This Town. The band were also self-effacing enough to leave the stage show to nearly 2,000 volunteer performers and professional dancers who writhed ecstatically around them, giving the night a decidedly prog-rock feel.



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Coldplay Joined By Rihanna And Jay-Z For Paralympics Closing Ceremony Performance


9th September 2012, 22:52


The 'Charlie Brown' stars brought the sporting extravaganza to a triumphant close in London this evening.




Coldplay headlined the Paralympics 2012 closing ceremony with an explosive performance at the Olympic Park in London this evening (10th September).

The 'Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall' stars performed a hit-laden set and were joined by special guests Rihanna and rapper Jay-Z as they brought the London 2012 event to a close.

Rihanna had recently joined the stars for their 'Mylo Xyloto' gig in Paris - leading many to believe it was a rehearsal for the closing ceremony.

The entire event kicked off with a battle of the inner demons, which was soundtracked by a new song from English composer David Arnold.

As the flag bearers from each represented country descended upon the stadium, the first Coldplay song of the evening was played as 'Life In Technicolor' rang out.

The Festival Of Flame then took centre stage as flamethrowers lit the stadium's grass, mechanical dinosaurs marched and performers danced with fire.


After a dedication to the volunteers of the games, Chris Martin, Johnny Buckland, Will Champion and Guy Berryman kicked off their set with 'Mylo Xyloto' track 'Us Against The World'.

Second number of the night, 'Yellow', was dedicated to all the volunteers and performers who have taken place at the Games.


'Up In Flames', '42' and 'Paradise' all followed with performers rising to the skies via giant lightbulbs.

A huge emblem igniting into flames also took place and the whole stadium was awash with colour via the special led's which accompany each seat inside the Olympic Stadium.

'Clocks' and 'Charlie Brown' followed before Rihanna made her entrance to perform their collaborative hit 'Princess Of China'.


Dressed in an all orange outfit - which covered her entire body - the Bajan star was driven by a pirate like ship to the stage where Chris Martin took her by the hand and they gave an emotionally charged and intimate rendition of their hit single.

The British Parochestra then commenced an impressive version of 2009 single 'Strawberry Swing' with Chris sat down beside the musicians.

Rihanna came back on stage to sing a piano led version of her smash hit 'We Found Love' before it kicked into the familiar dance-fueled rhythms of the song.


After 'Viva La Vida', the lowering of the Paralympic flag took place as well as the handing of the Games over to 2016 host Rio.

Lord Coe was next to take to the stage as he delivered a speech which highlighted the "games makers" of London 2012 and spoke of a conversation with a man who was on duty when the London bombings took place and how he now found "closure" through the Olympics and Paralympics.

After a raptorous round of applause, it was all eyes on the conclusion of Coldplay's performance who brought Jay-Z to proceedings alongside Rihanna.


The artists then performed 'Run This Town' - from the rapper's album 'The Blueprint 3' with the band taking charge of the music with RiRi and Jay sharing vocal duties on the Kanye West featuring track.

The rapper then performed a new verse to the group's hit 'Paradise' and declared it an "honour" to perform.

Chris Martin asked for the audience to share their appreciation to the athletes who took part on the Games and then the group finished their performance with hit single 'The Scientist' and a rousing rendition of 'Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall'.

"Goodbye from London", shouted Chris Martin before launching into their final track and changed lyrics from the song to include "and Rio is in sight" complete with a Paralympic flag draped across his shoulders.


Coldplay's setlist for the London 2012 Paralympics closing ceremony was as follows:


'Us Against The World'


'Up In Flames'



'God Put A Smile On Your Face'


'Charlie Brown'

'Princess Of China' with Rihanna

'Strawberry Swing'

'We Found Love' with Rihanna

'Viva La Vida'

'Run This Town' with Jay-Z and Rihanna

Paradise remix with Jay-Z

'The Scientist'

'Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall'


Meanwhile, Rihanna recently confirmed plans for a new 'Diamonds' world tour for early 2013.

Coldplay will continue their 'Mylo Xyloto' world tour this month with the final shows of the European leg before taking the jaunt to Australia and New Zealand in November.

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I recorded ONLY the Coldplay gig! Tommorow i Will edit it and then upload it! But how can i upload it?

those of us who didnt watch it will greatly appreciate it if you make it available. as to how to upload, im not the best person to guide you with that!

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Chris seating on the ground among the British Paraochestra during Strawberry Swing (I want to hear that song again in live!!!): the best moment for me


Beautiful performance: so proud of Coldplay. I love them so much!!!

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now i'm watching it in that way on german channel ZDF :cool: :cool: there are still 20 mins to end of the show :wacky:


I am german, but I do not live in germany :D

I hope that somebody who recorded the ceremony will upload it in good quality.

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Jay-Z version of Paradise

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sH-GfJm8z2Y]Jay Z And Coldplay Perform Paradise At Paralympics Closing Ceremony 2012 - YouTube[/ame]


And Princess of China

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NrBbBjCTkzQ]Coldplay Rihanna - Paralympic Closing Ceremony Live PRINCESS - YouTube[/ame]

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[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7NFSNCZ03sA]Coldplay - Viva la vida ( Paralympics closing ceremony 2012) - YouTube[/ame]




[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c-xT_m2IoIc]Coldplay - Paradise | Paralympic Closing Ceremony Live London 2012 - YouTube[/ame]

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Oh my gosh, what was THAT??? Incredibly brilliant performance, I dare to say it was one of the most beautiful ones I've ever seen. They were perfectly connected, the four of them in perfect shape! Really beautiful, it brought tears to my eyes quite some times...

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