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Would you change the tracklists?

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1. Don't Panic

2. Shiver

3. Spies

4. Sparks

5. Yellow

6. Trouble

7. Parachutes / Life Is for Living

8. High Speed

9. We Never Change

10. Everything's Not Lost


I felt that Everything's Not Lost was better off as a finisher than Life Is for Living, so I put the latter after Parachutes instead. It ended up sounding pretty good.

Singles: Shiver, Yellow, Trouble, Don't Panic


A Rush of Blood to the Head:

1. Politik

2. In My Place

3. Clocks

4. The Scientist

5. One I Love

6. Crests of Waves

7. God Put a Smile Upon Your Face

8. Murder

9. Daylight

10. Warning Sign

11. A Whisper

12. A Rush of Blood to the Head

13. Amsterdam / 1.36 (hidden track)


I removed Green Eyes and added in one b-side from each of the album's singles. 1.36 is surprisingly a good track to finish off the album.

Singles: In My Place, Clocks, The Scientist, A Whisper



1. Square One

2. Things I Don't Understand

3. How You See the World

4. Til Kingdom Come

5. What If

6. The World Turned Upside Down (renamed X&Y)

7. Speed of Sound

8. Fix You

9. Talk

10. The Hardest Part

11. Swallowed in the Sea

12. Sleeping Sun

13. A Message

14. White Shadows

15. Low

16. Twisted Logic


Since Coldplay decided to make the majority of songs from this album longer than their previous releases, I decided to make this album their biggest. Low would've been my choice for the finale, but I love the guitar at the end of Twisted Logic. I changed the title of The World Turned Upside Down to X&Y and replaced it with the original X&Y because I felt the former was not only a better fit for the title of the song, but also as the title track for the album.

Singles: Speed of Sound, Fix You, Talk, The Hardest Part


Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends:

1. Life in Technicolor

2. Cemeteries of London

3. Postcards From Far Away

4. Glass of Water

5. Lovers In Japan

6. Viva la Vida

7. Violet Hill

8. Death Will Never Conquer

9. Strawberry Swing

10. Spanish Rain

11. 42

12. Famous Old Painters

13. Death and All His Friends / The Escapist (hidden track)


I removed Lost! and Yes (as well as Reign of Love and Chinese Sleep Chant) because once I had finished this tracklist, they seemed to have no place in the album. However, they could always become b-sides or be put on the Prospekt's March EP. Also, I wanted to keep Life in Technicolor as an instrumental because I like how it's such a bright, joyful song which then becomes much darker as it fades into Cemeteries of London. I also like how the piano at the end of Cemeteries of London sounds similar to Postcards from Far Away, so of course I would put those two together, and since I like Postcards from Far Away before Glass of Water on Prospekt's March, I would put them in order too. I also like how Famous Old Painters fits before Death and All His Friends.

Singles: Violet Hill, Viva la Vida, Lovers in Japan, Strawberry Swing


Mylo Xyloto:

1. Mylo Xyloto

2. Hurts Like Heaven

3. Paradise

4. Charlie Brown

5. Us Against the World

6. M.M.I.X.

7. Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall

8. Major Minus

9. Moving to Mars

10. Princess of China (without Rihanna)

11. Up in Flames

12. A Hopeful Transmission

13. Don't Let it Break Your Heart

14. Up With the Birds / U.F.O. (hidden track)


This one remains largely unchanged aside from moving U.F.O. to the end of the album as a hidden track and placing Moving to Mars as the 9th track. I decided to do this after listening to the Up With the Birds / U.F.O. single and liking the two tracks together, and also after listening to the Every Teardrop is a Waterfall EP.

Singles: Every Teardrop is a Waterfall, Paradise, Charlie Brown, Hurts Like Heaven


Ghost Stories

1. Always In My Head

2. Magic

3. Ink

4. Ghost Story

5. Midnight

6. Another's Arms

7. Oceans

8. A Sky Full of Stars

9. O


I replaced True Love with Ghost Story because I strongly felt Ghost Story should've been included on the main tracklist, and I'm not a huge fan of True Love. Also, Ghost Story doesn't really fit anywhere else, because I wanted to keep the album at 9 tracks with pretty much everything else where it is.

Singles: Midnight, Magic, Ink, A Sky Full of Stars

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I'm sorry but after finding this thread I have to bump and revive this thang. Looks like too much fun :D


Let's start with Parachutes.


1. Don't Panic

2. Shiver

3. Spies (alternative version)

4. For You

5. Yellow + Help Is Round The Corner (hidden track)

6. Trouble

7. Brothers and Sisters (Trouble EP version)

8. Parachutes + Life is for Living (hidden track)

9. High Speed

10. Everything's Not Lost


Singles: Shiver, Spies, Yellow, Trouble

B-sides: Careful Where You Stand (Shiver), Sparks (Spies), No More Keeping My Feet On The Ground (Yellow), Bigger Stronger (Trouble)



1. Politik

2. In My Place

3. One I Love + I Bloom Blaum (hidden track)

4. Murder

5. The Scientist

6. I Ran Away

7. Clocks

8. Animals

9. Crests of Waves

10. Daylight


12. Amsterdam + 1'36'' (hidden track)


Singles: Politik, Clocks, The Scientist, Daylight

B-sides: GPASUYF (Politik), A Whisper (Clocks), Warning Sign (The Scientist), Green Eyes (Daylight)


X&Y (fair warning, major changes coming to the tracklist here)


1. Square One

2. What If

3. Fix You

4. The World Turned Upside Down (renamed X&Y)

5. Talk (first version) + Sleeping Sun (hidden track)

6. Ladder To The Sun

7. Til Kingdom Come

8. Things I Don't Understand

9. A Message

10. Low

11. The Hardest Part

12. How You See The World

13. Twisted Logic + Swallowed in the Sea (hidden track)


Singles: Fix You, The Hardest Part, Ladder To The Sun, Things I Don't Understand

B-sides: Pour Me - studio version PLEASE (Fix You), White Shadows (The Hardest Part), Talk No. 2 (Ladder to the Sun), Speed of Sound (Things I Don't Understand)



1. Life in Technicolor ii (with the original opening)

2. Cemetaries of London

3. Glass of Water

4. Lost?

5. 42

6. Lovers in Japan (Osaka Sun Mix) [no Reign of Love]

7. Viva La Vida + Death Will Never Conquer (studio version, hidden track)

8. Violet Hill + A Spell A Rebel Yell (hidden track)

9. Strawberry Swing

10. Now My Feet Won't Touch The Ground

11. Famous Old Painters

12. Death And All His Friends + The Escapist (hidden track)


Singles: Glass of Water, Viva La Vida, Lovers in Japan, Violet Hill, Strawberry Swing

B-sides: Rainy Day (Glass of Water), DWNC acoustic (Viva la Vida), Reign of Love (Lovers in Japan), Chinese Sleep Chant (Violet Hill), Yes (Strawberry Swing)



1. MX + Hurts Like Heaven

2. Paradise

3. Charlie Brown

4. Us Against The World + Wedding Bells (hidden track)

5. M.M.I.X. + Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall

6. Major Minus

7. Moving To Mars

8. A Hopeful Transmission + Don't Let It Break Your Heart

9. Up With The Birds + U.F.O. (hidden track)


Singles: Paradise, Charlie Brown, Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall, Don't Let It Break Your Heart

B-sides: Up in Flames (Paradise), none (Charlie Brown), Princess of China (Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall), none (Don't Let It Break Your Heart)


Ghost Stories:

1. Always In My Head

2. Magic

3. Ink

4. Ghost Story

5. Midnight

6. Oceans

7. A Sky Full Of Stars

8. Fly On (O part 1 becomes the outro, which leads into O part 2)

9. O (part 2)


Singles: Magic, Midnight, Oceans, A Sky Full Of Stars

B-sides: True Love (Midnight), Another's Arms (Oceans), All Your Friends (A Sky Full Of Stars)

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