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Hurts Like Heaven 5th MX Single

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I hope they release Hurts Like Heaven as a single with a music video but I heard that wouldn't be a single and that Up With The Birds would be?


HLH is confirmed to be the next single, and there will be an animated music video.

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Was reading an article for Coldplay Film and it said at the bottom:


"Coldplay will release their new live concert DVD on 19th November – which will coincide with the release of new single 'Hurts Like Heaven' on the same day."








Oh well, we waited THIS long anyway.

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i hope they reales hurts like heaven on the same day as live 2012 becouse it has b sides it might be a (dare i say it) -EP but i fear the single might end up like charlie brown and neither one deserved that (not even a download) but i really do think they wear saving somthing besides the live dvd and i might just be B-Sides :D

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