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Flying powers and genius - I want them both, sorry I am greedy


You have tow oppertunites to go to the same sold out Coldplay concert. Both seats are equally good, the girl will drive you there in good car, early arrival, and you don't have to pay anything. She picked you because you are a fan of the band. You are not a friend of either girl.

One girl is very popular girl who nobody likes a queen bee type.

The other girl is a very nice girl that nobody likes.


You can only pick one. Which girl will take you there? Neither one expects anything in return.

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Belting a nickelback song, I actually don't mind like 3 of their songs but I don't really listen to them.



WYR date the person of your dreams but they'd be unhappy or the person of your dreams to be dating someone else, meaning they're happy but you're sad

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The two are actually connected, so you would lose both either way.


I thought losing one just dulls the other? That was what I gained from reading someone's description of being anosmic. Oh well, I thought it would be an interesting question.

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wow- what a question


think I have to say control the future- sure there are things I'd love to be able to change about my past but these are the things that have made me the person I am today so changing my past would change who I am.



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