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Viva La Vida sound for working class

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Hello All

This is my first post here although I used to visit this site often.

My name is Jonathan (23yo) from Tel-aviv israel. I'M NOT A PRO but have some very light experience with music production. I play all the basic instruments.

I have a band and lately we decided to perform all coldplay's songs (about 40 songs),

Which "forced" me to make a little research about all coldplay's sound sources, techniques and how to get them with VST's (strings, pads, organs etc..). not 100% but let's say 90% accuracy.


I thought it would be nice to share my experience to get the Viva la Vida strings sound using one simple VST called Edirol Orchestral + kick (HAlion).

If wonder why VLV, so.. it is my fav song along with 'Don't Let It Break Your Heart', 'Sparks' and 'Twisted Logic'. And funny thing but I'm originally from jerusalem and the bells are my childhood most remembered sound.

And now 2 buildings next to mine is the St. Peter's church (old jaffa) so I'm feeling very close to that songq anyway...


First, listen: (sorry about the vocals, it's 7am here the vocal chords didn't wake-up yet :))

[ame=http://soundcloud.com/jonrev/vlv2-experiment-coldplay]VLV2 experiment (Coldplay) by Jonrev on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free[/ame]


I know It is not exactly the same (the sound, the beats and so on) its only an experiment. but I'm getting closer to the original sound. maybe till the evening it will be ready.


Those are the settings:

Viva La Vida Edirol Orchestral


Edirol Orchestral

Violins Spiccato (127) REVERB60 CHORUS120 REALESE+10 EQ-MID-5 HIGH+9

Viola Spiccato (80)

ConcertPiano+12 (113)

Harpsichord (60)

Violins (125)

Tubular-bell C-note fine +50



there is also settings for theviolins, the bell and more.


Thank y'all and sorry if someone already came up with the same subject.

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Hi Jonathan! :) Welcome to the forums, or at least, as a poster! I love Israel :)


The piano sounds great, love it. It's pretty loud though, relative to your voice, in a studio recording the vocals is more prominent.


You're a great pianist! :) Pretty good vocalist too, so it'd be worth getting a couple of lessons to improve your breathing technique!


I'm guessing it's the chorus on the violins, but one of the effects sounds very modulated and therefore artificial. It just doesn't need to be there since the only modulation in an orchestra performance is the acoustic space and their vibrato :) In the Viva La Vida recording, there IS an otherworldly quality to the intro reverb (which lowers in volume as soon as chris starts singing), which I think is just a long predelay and no high frequency damping. Just a guess though.


The chord inversions sound correct but the arrangement is lacking a few components after the first verse, though I probably don't need to tell you that.


No cello's?


The drum sounds a bit too synthy, might be worth looking for another sample. I couldn't hear the bell at all?


Cubase ftw! :)

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If you guys want a great Viva la Vida string intro sound, check out number (3): goo.gl/v1kzEL - extracted using Melodyne from the actual song. -D


Can someone re upload this file please? :sob:

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